Forest History Society Wilderness Resources and Bibliography

The Forest History Society has an extensive collection of agency documents, journal articles, reports, books, photographs and newsclippings on topics relating to forest history and environmental history more broadly. The following resources were used to compile the chronology on states' rights. Please contact our collections staff for more information about these and other Forest History Society resources.

  • "Briefing on Primitive Areas in the National Forest System," Statement of M. Rupert Cutler, Assistant Secretary for Conservation, Research, and Education, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Before Subcommittee on Public Lands of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives, July 24, 1979.
  • "Correspondence concerning recreation planning and primitive area policies on the national forests" [Memorandum for Branch Chiefs], April 25, 1932.
  • "The Forest Service and Eastern Wilderness,"speech by U.S. Forest Service Assistant Director of Recreation, Owen T. Jamison, at the Executive Committee Meeting of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Advisory Council, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, September 28, 1973.
  • "The Golden Anniversary of a Priceless Concept ,"address by Secretary of Agriculture Earl L. Butz, at the Commemorative Ceremony for the 50th Anniversary of Wilderness, Gila National Forest, New Mexico, June 2, 1974.
  • "Our Nation's Forests,"address by Secretary of Agriculture Earl L. Butz, before the 6th American Forest Congress, Washington, D.C., October 6, 1975.
  • 1974 Press Release: "The Wild Gila - The Story of the Nation's First Wilderness," U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southwestern Region.
  • "Principles of Wilderness Management: A Look Beyond the Manual," John C. Hendee, Assistant Station Director, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, paper presented to the U.S. Forest Service Eastern Region Wilderness Management Workshop, Gorham, New Hampshire, October 1982.
  • "Program Designed to Conserve and Improve the Nation's Natural Resources" Message from The President of the United States, July 31, 1953, 83d Congress, 1st Session, House of Representatives, Document No. 221.
  • Public Law 88-577, 88th Congress, S. 4, September 3, 1964.
  • Public Law 95-237, Endangered American Wilderness Act of 1978, February 24, 1978.
  • Record of Correspondence released by The Republican National Committee, November 3, 1956.
  • Statement by Orville L. Freeman, Secretary of Agriculture, "Decision on the Request by the Colorado Department of Highways to Route Interstate Highway 70 through the Gore Rang - Eagle Nest Primitive Area, Arapaho and White River National Forests," (ca. 1968).
  • Steen, Harold K., and Jack Ward Thomas. "Backcountry Recreation--Not Roadless Areas." Forest History Today (Spring 2002): 34-37. [pdf]
  • Untitled speech by Orville L. Freeman, Secretary of Agriculture, at 10th Biennial Wilderness Conference of the Sierra Club, San Francisco, CA, April 7, 1967.
  • "Wilderness Plans of the Forest Service" speech by Edward P. Cliff, Chief, U.S. Forest Service, at Eighth Biennial Wilderness Conference, San Francisco, CA, March 9, 1963.