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The Campaign for a New Home

The FHS Building on History campaign is a $6.8 million initiative to construct the first building designed to accommodate the collections and work of the FHS. This new facility will advance research, practice, and collaboration by increasing library, archival, and study space. It will also add an important new multi-purpose meeting space for collaborative opportunities at the local, national, and international level.


After 33 years in a converted office building, FHS is constructing a new library, archives, and headquarters that will be a point of pride for the forest and conservation communities. Nestled on 8.6 wooded acres, this 16,750-square-foot building is the first to be designed from the ground up to accommodate the collections and work of the Forest History Society. It will transform the way we work and contribute to the work of others. We welcome your interest and participation in this historic initiative.


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Construction is Underway!

Construction of the Forest History Society’s new facility was kicked off on October 27 with a groundbreaking ceremony.  Board, former board, staff, and invited guests participated in this historic initiative which is a milestone in the Society’s history and its future.  Co-Chairs of the Building on History capital campaign, Michael Kelly and Ned Phares, report gifts and pledges received of $5,156,230, and an estimated $1,027,000 in anticipated funding from the sale of the Society’s existing facility, and donated construction materials. Click on the arrow below for pictures of the FHS Groundbreaking.

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The Langdale Capstone Challenge

In May 2017, the Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation issued a momentous $250,000 challenge gift, which must be earned by FHS raising $500,000 in new gifts and pledges to the Building on History Campaign by December 2018.  Harley Langdale, Jr. (1914-2013) was a forester, business environmentalist, and former chairman of The Langdale Company who grew the business from a small turpentine and land holding company into a fully integrated diversified forest products company.  Harley, Jr. valued the Society’s work in preserving and helping people use the documents of forest history, and he and The Langdale Company have provided decades of support for FHS.  Calling all donors to help us meet The Langdale Capstone Challenge!

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122 Donors Have Given $5.2 Million So Far

As of November 30, 2017, 122 donors have made gifts and pledges totaling $5,156,230. FHS President Steve Anderson credits former board members Charley Tarver and Mark Wilde, Honorary Co-Chairs of the Building on History campaign.  Wilde and Tarver report that campaign support is strong among current and former board members, with their gifts and pledges totaling $1,700,000 so far.  FHS board member and Chair of In-Kind Donations, Kent Gilges, reports that the new FHS building, destined to be a point of pride, has attracted the attention of nine leading companies so far that are donating over $250,000 in construction materials.  The names of all donors making gifts and pledges of $5,000 and above will be recognized on the “wall of gratitude” in the new building.

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Donor Stories

  • Become A


    We invite you to join Forest History Society board members and other leaders in the forest and conservation communities in supporting the Building on History campaign.

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  • Inspiring Others – Mrs. Penelope Wilson

    Penelope Perkins Wilson has a deep and abiding love for art, education, architecture, conservation, and historic preservation, and she has found supporting FHS to be a meaningful way to transform those loves into broad impact. The grand-niece of pioneering forestry educator Carl Alwin Schenck, Mrs. Wilson’s support was instrumental in developing and helping the FHS documentary…

  • The Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation

    Harley Langdale, Jr. (1914-2013) was a forester, business environmentalist, and former chairman of The Langdale Company who helped to grow the business from a small turpentine and land holding company into a fully-integrated, diversified forest products company. Beginning with one crop of turpentine timber on the western edge of the Okefenokee Swamp in 1894, the…

  • The Gift of a Lifetime – L. Michael and Karen C. Kelly

    Michael and Karen Kelly have no shortage of funding priorities, including college expenses for two daughters, various local and national charities and the building and renovation of a 384-acre farm where, working with numerous local and national rescue groups, they have fostered over 150 dogs to date, caring for them at their own expense and…

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Campaign Progress

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$6.8 Million


In-Kind Donations & Sale of Existing Building


Gifts & Pledges

$6.3 Million

Thank You To Our Donors

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    In Honor of the Paper Industry
  • American Forest & Paper Association
  • Keith A. Argow
  • Atlanta Hardwood Corporation
  • Henry Barclay III
  • William D. Baughman
  • Ann Smith Bedsole
  • Patty Bedient
  • L. Tom Birdzell
  • BMO Capital Markets
  • Susan Bonsall
  • Matthew Morse Booker
  • Ronald M. Bost
  • Christopher R. Boyer
  • Lisa M. Brady
  • Edgar B. Brannon Jr.
  • Hayes D. Brown II
  • Steven & Patricia Burak
  • Harold E. Burkhart
  • Margaret W.G. Carr
  • The Cashdan/Stein Great-Grandmother Fund
  • The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation
  • The Cherbec Advancement Foundation
    In Memory of Carl A. Weyerhaeuser
  • Norm & Portia Christensen
  • Arthur Cooper
  • Terry S. Collins
  • Truman C. Collins Jr.
  • Columbia Forest Products
  • Kent P. Connaughton
  • Christopher Conte
  • Barbara & Tom Cushing
    In Honor of Herb Winer
  • Christopher Davidson
  • Alexander Davidson
  • F.K. Day
  • Lincoln Day
  • The Lynn & Stanley R. Day Fund
  • Stanley R. Day, Jr.
  • Vivian W. Day
  • Doug Decker & Marie Mahon
    In Honor of Howard & June Decker
  • Frazier & Deeter LLC
  • Chip and Margaret Dillon
  • The Driscoll Foundation
    In Memory of Lynn W. Day
  • Dr. & Mrs. Frank Dottori
  • Thomas R. Dunlap
  • The Elise R. Donohue Charitable Trust
  • F&W Forestry Services Inc.
  • Stephen E. Fairweather
  • Susan Flader
  • The Carol & Carter Fox Family Fund
  • Frazier & Deeter LLC
  • Kent Gilges
  • Nancy & Blaine Gaustad
  • Allison Haltom
  • Hancock Natural Resources Group
  • The Harrigan Family Foundation
    In Memory of Dwight Harrigan 
  • Virginia S. Harrigan
  • In Memory of Dwight Harrigan
  • Dudley R. Hartel
  • Gary & Lynne Hartshorn
  • Hancock Natural Resource Group
  • Healey Timber
  • Robert G. Healy
  • The Hearthstone Foundation
  • Joy Hodges
  • Huber Engineered Woods
  • Humboldt Redwood
  • Timothy A. Ingraham
  • Bob Izlar
  • Mr. & Mrs. Hunter R. Jenkins
  • Scott Jones
  • Lucy Rosenberry Jones
  • Richard Judd
  • John T. Karakash
  • Chester Kearse, Jr.
  • L. Michael & Karen C. Kelly
  • The J.W. Kieckhefer Family
  • Klumb Lumber Comapny
  • In Memory of Buddy Klumb
  • The Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation
  • The Langdale Company
  • Nancy Langston
  • L. Keville Larson
  • Stallworth M. Larson
  • Russ Lea
  • Louisiana Pacific
  • The Lyme Timber Company
  • Doug & Ruth Ann MacCleery
  • Glenn Mason
  • Scott & Nina McCampbell
  • George Weyerhaeuser Jr. & Kathy McGoldrick
  • John P. McMahon
  • Thomas E. McMillan, Jr.
  • Tony & Gretchen Melchiors
  • Menasha Forest Products Corp.
    In Honor of Mark Wilde
  • Brooks & Elizabeth Mendell
  • Jean-Claude & Lisette Mercier
  • In Memory of William Duerr
    Peter & Carolyn Mertz
  • Char Miller & Judy Lipsett
  • The MillsDavis Foundation
  • Dick Molpus
  • Susan Ferriers Moore
  • moss+ross
  • Peter J. Murphy
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Sharlene Nelson
  • Nicholas School of the Environment
  • David L. Nunes
  • Rob Olszewski
  • Edward W. & Beverly Phares
  • Frederick & Catherine Piasecki
  • John & Gretchen Piasecki
  • The Piasecki Family Foundation
  • Vivian W. Piasecki
  • John & Erin Pitcher
  • Port Blakely Companies
  • Richard & Rita Porterfield
  • Lucia Peel Powe
    In Memory of E.K. Powe III
  • Jonathan & Jennifer Prather
  • Kurt Pregitzer
  • Peter W. Prutzman
  • Cody Reiter
  • The Rhodes Family of Charleston, SC
    In Honor of Dorothy McLeod Rhodes
  • W. McLeod Rhodes
  • Daniel Richter, Jr.
  • Eugene S. & Elizabeth T. Robbins
  • David Roby
  • The Rodman Foundation
  • The Rosenberry Charitable Term Trust
  • Ruswood Library Furniture
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roger Sedjo
  • The Sequoia Foundation
  • Seven Islands Land Company
  • Theresa Larson Scheetz
  • William C. Siegel
  • Sierra Pacific Industries 
  • The Simpson Family Fund
  • Sizemore & Sizemore
  • Cherida Collins Smith
  • Smith, Gambrell & Russell LLP
  • Southern Pine Plantations
  • B. Bond Starker
  • Starker Forests, Inc.
  • George & Emma Steen Family
    In Honor of Harold K. Steen
  • Michelle Steen-Adams
  • Peter R. Stein
  • Donald L. Stevens, Jr. 
  • Jeffrey K. Stine
  • Christopher R.W.D. Stroh
  • Structural Wood Systems
  • Superior Pine Products Company
  • Sutherland Asbill Brennan LLP
  • Charles M. Tarver
  • Blake E. Titcomb
  • Frederick W. Titcomb
  • Third Bridge Group LTD
    In Honor of Mark Wilde
  • Larry Tombaugh
  • Richard P. Tucker
  • Charles & Carol VanOver
  • R. Scott Wallinger
  • Allan & Joyce West
  • The Frederick & Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Foundation
  • George H. Weyerhaeuser Sr.
  • Rick Weyerhaeuser & Annie Brewster
  • Ted & Nancy Weyerhaeuser
  • Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Mark & Mary Wilde
  • Penelope P. Wilson
  • Ed Wilson
  • Herbert I. Winer 
  • Peter H. Wood
    In Memory of William Bartram
  • F. Christian Zinkhan
    In Memory of George M. Zinkhan, Jr