Institutional Support

Institutional supporters are nonprofit institutions, including colleges or universities; associations; professional and research societies and their local level chapters; museums; and local, state, and federal agencies and their affiliated offices. We’re happy to explore these and more options as you join the FHS family as a Institutional Supporter. Thank you!

“The Forest History Society is the preeminent organization supporting research and understanding of how people used and interacted with the forested ecosystems of the planet over the long sweep of human history."

William J. Cronon - Professor of History at The University of Wisconsin


Other Ways to Support

Individual Supporters

Supporting the Forest History Society is a unique opportunity to bring history to life. Your support funds critical activities like the processing of archival collections, digitizing rare photos, and the recording of oral histories.

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners recognize the importance of preserving forest and conservation history for its impact on the future in natural resource education, industry, forestry, environmental policy, landscape change, wildfire management, and more.