Planned Giving

Make a Difference of a Lifetime

A legacy gift to the Forest History Society is one of the most lasting contributions you can make.

The funds received from legacy gifts enable the Society to continue its vital work to understand the past and provide essential historical information for natural resource decisions.

person kneeling next to freshly planted pine sappling

Your Gift Can:

  • Make a lasting contribution
  • Reduce your income tax burden
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gain taxes
  • Reduce gift or estate taxes
  • Provide income for yourself and others
  • Direct your contributions to charities of your choice based on your family's needs now and in the future.

To discuss the benefits of planned giving to the Forest History Society, please contact Laura Hayden at (919) 682-9319 or send her an email for more information.

The Circle of Stewards

All those who make a planned gift to the Forest History Society become a part of the Circle of Stewards, whether you work through us or have already made your plans. Your leadership can encourage others to stop and think how they, too, can help.

The Circle of Stewards recognizes individuals who give cash, real estate, or other assets directly in a will, trust, or life insurance policy. You may also create a life income plan. We can work together to help you tailor a gift that will reflect your principles and carry on your special hopes for your family and the preservation of forest history.

By providing the Forest History Society with an outright gift, or including us in a will or trust, you can continue to help make a difference for those who follow.

“With my gift to the Forest History Society, I am providing for my children’s future and doing something for the greater good of forestry. It’s a wonderful feeling!"

Richard Bury - Member of the FHS Circle of Stewards

Other Presentations From FHS

Workplace Giving

By taking advantage of the matching program at your workplace, you can greatly increase the impact of your contribution to the Society, and receive donor recognition for the full value of your support.

Donate Securities

There are many tax benefits to donating stocks and other securities to the Forest History Society. Donating appreciated stock helps you avoid paying capital gains taxes that would otherwise apply if you were to sell the asset.