Conferences and Events of Interest

These noteworthy conferences, workshops, meetings, lectures, projects, calls for papers, and collaborations underway are provided for informational purposes only; please follow the appropriate links or contact the organizers for further details.

If you know of similar relevant events or projects, please contact Andrea Anderson.

Forest History Society Events

May 20, 2021 “Stewart Udall and the Politics of the Environment and Race"
Virtual presentation by John de Graaf. Part of the Unprecedented Seasons series.
June 10, 2021 “Fire Breaks: Fire Suppression, the 'Light-Burning’ Controversy, and the Return of Indigenous Flames"
Virtual presentation by Char Miller. Part of the Unprecedented Seasons series and part of the FHS 75th anniversary celebration.
July 22, 2021 Wood for Bioenergy at Ten: Revisiting A Critical Issue”
Brooks Mendell

Other Events of Interest

May 24–28, 2021 XV World Forestry Congress
International Meeting.
Location: Seoul, South Korea
June 26–June 29, 2021 European Society for Environmental History
Biannual Conference.
Location: Bristol, UK
July 5–9, 2021 Association of Consulting Foresters
National Convention
Location: Eugene, OR
November 3–7, 2021 Society of American Foresters
National Convention
Location: Online