What we do

Preserving History. Providing Access. Promoting Understanding.

Since 1946, the Forest History Society has stewarded historical treasures, ensuring they are not lost, but instead are collected, preserved, and made available to all. FHS is your starting place for exploring the people, places, and events that shaped forest history. Whether you are conducting research, preparing a lesson plan, or a history buff who appreciates rare documents and photos and want to learn more, we are here to serve you.


Our collections contain an extraordinary range of information on forest and conservation history, from prehistoric times to current events. Whether conducting research online or visiting our library and archives, these essential tools, materials, and services will provide information and guidance.


Part of the Forest History Society's mission is to educate students of all ages about the history of human interaction with forested environments around the world. By using our library and archival materials, publications, and films, we can disseminate information in innovative ways.


Our publications include an amazingly wide variety of materials including the Issues Series books, oral history interviews, conference proceedings, and monographs. Our Forest History Today magazine, newsletter, and Environmental History journal attract readers worldwide.


FHS awards and fellowships enable the Society to recognize scholarly achievement and service to the organization and the community at large. The rigorous selection standards reflects equally on the Society and the recipients.


Our Scope

The Society is at the heart of historical research, providing resources on topics from conservation and energy to wilderness and philosophy, from industrial uses and practices to individual users and practitioners. Our resources help scholars and writers worldwide access and understand the context to forest history and, in turn, enhance understanding of the rich story of conservation and use.

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Who We Serve

Generations of students, scholars, landowners, journalists, forest managers, and many others have relied on FHS for historical records, insight, and inspiration as they explore the relationship of people and forests through time.

Help us preserve forest history for
generations to come

Your support helps us keep forest history available for current and future generations. By supporting FHS you help people understand and talk about things such as forest landscapes, climate change, forestland ownership, and the future of forests.