Give from Your IRA


For many people, moving money from an IRA to a charity is a taxable withdrawal, subject to income tax. However, once you reach age 70½, such transactions may be untaxed as a Qualified Charitable Distribution. There are multiple tax benefits, especially for individuals and couples who no longer have mortgage interest to deduct, who may take the IRS standard deduction versus itemizing their deductions, and/or who must take IRA required minimum distributions as taxable income.

To discuss the benefits of giving through your IRA to the Forest History Society, please contact Laura Hayden at (919) 682-9319 or send her an email for more information.

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workplace giving

Companies will often match their employees’ charitable contributions, increasing the impact of your gift to the Society. Why not take advantage of the matching program at your workplace today and benefit FHS and yourself today?

Monthly Sustainer

A monthly donation of $10 or $20 makes it easy to be a Friend of the Society and perhaps easier for you by spreading out your payments. Consider becoming a sustaining member of the Forest History Society. You can set this up online today.