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For many people, moving money from an IRA to a charity is a taxable withdrawal, subject to income tax. However, once you reach age 70½, such transactions may be untaxed as a Qualified Charitable Distribution. There are multiple tax benefits, especially for individuals and couples who no longer have mortgage interest to deduct, who may take the IRS standard deduction versus itemizing their deductions, and/or who must take IRA required minimum distributions as taxable income.


The Forest History Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the only international educational organization solely dedicated to preserving forest and conservation history and to bringing a historical context to environmental decision-making.

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Individual Support

Support the mission of the Forest History Society by becoming an annual fund donor.

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Building on History Campaign

Help us build the facility of the future for the Forest History Society. View the land, the floor plan, the latest campaign news, and more.

Endowment Program

Endowments provide a permanent source of funding for core programs including research, publications, outreach, and more.

Monthly Sustainer

Giving a $10 monthly donation makes it easy to be a Friend of the Society.