Joseph A. Rodriguez

On May 15, 1952, U.S. Forest Service District Ranger Joseph Rodriguez journeyed from his home in Pecos, New Mexico, to appear in Washington, D.C. There, at the Sylvan Theater near the Washington Monument, the Department of Agriculture honored Rodriguez with the Superior Service Award.

Prior to 1952, for more than thirty years Joseph Rodriguez served on the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico. Since the time he joined the Forest Service in May 1920, Rodriguez worked as District Ranger on the four different ranger districts: the Chama, Coyote, Rio Grande, and Colonias. Beyond this long record of service, Rodriguez earned acclaim for his ability to resolve complex administrative problems in the mountain forest communities where he worked and lived.

In support of Rodriguez and his award, the Southwestern Regional Forester noted, "Over the past 30 years Ranger Rodriguez has acquired a knowledge of range and forest conditions that is outstanding. His is very progressive and has kept abreast of new developments in his field. He is an enthusiastic conservationist and as an administrator of a ranger district he has few equals."

Rodriguez remained active as a district ranger for the Sante Fe National Forest -- on the restructured Pecos District -- through at least 1954, but by 1959 had retired from the agency.

Written by: David G. Havlick, special projects, Forest History Society.

  • Press Release, May 15, 1952, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southwestern Region