Organizational Directories

The U.S. Forest Service Organizational Directories Database consists of USFS personnel information such as employee names, positions, and office locations. The information contained in the searchable database was compiled from published USFS directories from the years 1905-2004.

The USFS directories were originally published monthly as "Field Programs" beginning in 1904. Later directories, which were referred to as "Service Directories" or "Organizational Directories" were issued two to three times a year on average. For a complete listing of dates the directories were published see the table below.

The Internet Archives has scanned a collection of Directories from 1904-1909.

Since 2004, Directories have not been printed but have been updated online at

Coverage and Scope of the Project

The current version is a pilot project for information from only USFS Region 2, the Rocky Mountain Region, and specifically focuses on the following positions: Regional Forester, Forest Supervisor, and District Ranger. It was made possible by support from Region 2.

Interpreting Results and Search Assistance

These directories were created by busy people who were no more perfect than we are, but at this remove in time, they are very often all we have to go on. We have recorded the information in the database directly from the USFS directories with two exceptions. Anything in the search results that appears in brackets is information that comes either from a secondary source (and will be cited as such) or that has been added in order to clarify an entry, such as equivalent position titles or spelling discrepancies.

In addition, some entries may contain notes fields. "Name notes" are included when name variations or possible misspellings occur, and "forest name notes" are included to make the user aware of forest name changes, mergers and the like. A frequently cited source for forest name notes is (Nat Forest of US) which stands for The National Forests of the United States. The general notes field provides any additional information deemed of value to researchers.

The structure of the agency has changed as it has taken on the management of more lands, acquired additional varied roles as science and policy have changed, and increased the number of its employees. In some cases it has been necessary to work backwards in time to determine such things as whether a particular location would have been part of Region 2 in the early days before there were Regions at all.

If you have any difficulty searching the database, our library staff will be glad to perform custom searches of the database on the main library computers and email the results to you. Please contact Eben Lehman, Technical Archivist, by email at or by telephone, 919-682-9319.

USFS Directories, Dates Published

Beginning in August 1904, the USFS began issuing "Field Programmes". However, employee listings did not begin to appear in these publications until July 1905. Field Programs were published from 1905 to 1920. The directories were then issued under the title "Forest Service Directory" from 1920 until 1951, and finally as "Organizational Directory" from 1952 until the present.

Note that no directories were published from January to June of 1905, as well as for the entire years of 1947, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1969, and 1974.

Year  Months Issued
1905 July, August, September, October, November, December
1906 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
1907 January, February, March, April, June, August, September, October, November, December
1908-1909 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
1910 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, October
1911 January, April, July, October
1912 January, July, October
1913 - 1920 January, April, July, October
1921 - 1931 April, October
1932 - 1933 April
1934 July
1935 - 1936 November
1937 May, November
 1938 June
1939 - 1940 January, July
1941  May
1942 - 1946 April
1947 No Directory Published
1948 - 1951 January
1952 - 1953 March
1954 July
1955-1957 No Directory Published
1958 July
1959 No Directory Published
1960 - 1965 January
1966 August
1967 - 1968 April
1969 No Directory Published
1970 - 1972 January
1973 May
1974 No Directory Published
1975 February
1976 January
1977 January, October
1978 - 1979 May
1980 March
1981 March, August
1982 February, October
1983 July
1984 May, December
1985 December
1986 October
1987 August
1988 June
1989 May
1990 June
1991 - 1992 July
1993 - 1995 June
1997 November
2000 June
2004 March