FHS Webinar Series

In keeping with our mission to inform the present by drawing lessons from the past, FHS offers virtual lectures over Zoom and YouTube. Videos of all presentations are later made available on the FHS YouTube Channel. You can support this type of public programming by hitting the Donate button at right.

Conversations in Forest History

Series host and FHS historian Jamie Lewis hears from and talks with leading experts as they apply their historical knowledge to current topics in forest history. Presenters include scholars, artists, and scientists.

Nontimber Forest Products & Bioeconomy

Experts discuss how the bioeconomy can reduce environmental impacts of economic growth by forest management that promotes sustainable harvests and production of non-timber forest products.

Unprecedented Seasons

Presenters explored the biggest topics of the last couple of years—racial inequality and social justice, social isolation and social distancing, and climate change—through the lens of environmental history, biography, and memoir. The series ended in Oct. 2021.