1956: Horace Albright Letter to Eisenhower

On the brink of the 1956 Presidential election in which Eisenhower sought reelection, the Republican National Committee released the following correspondence between prominent conservationist and former Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Horace M. Albright and President Eisenhower (a Republican).

Dated October 24, 1956, Albright's letter reads in part:


My Dear Mr. President:

I have noted with dismay and some apprehension the recent efforts to inject politics into the great non-partisan cause of conservation of natural resources.

As a life-long conservationist, I disavow such efforts with the strong conviction that the cause of conservation cannot, and should not, be made the tool of any single political party. I cannot help but deplore the ill-conceived movement to persuade conservationists that their cause is linked with the political fortunes of your opponent.

For more than two score years, in public office and in private life, I have been active in the movement to conserve and wisely use the Nation's natural resources. In that span, the cause of conservation has advanced under seven national administrations, three Democratic and four Republican...

Be assured, Mr. President, that the great gains toward better protection of the Nation's natural resources which have been made under your administration are not overlooked by sincere and thoughtful conservationists.

With deep appreciation of your achievements in this important field, and with sentiments of highest esteem, I am

Sincerely yours,

Horace M. Albright


Record of Correspondence released by The Republican National Committee, November 3, 1956.