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Spring/Fall 2015 Issue

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Feature articles in the Spring/Fall 2015 issue include discussion of the Netherland’s Nature Scenery Act of 1928; how the romantic life of the young Gifford Pinchot changed landscape architecture; President William McKinley’s conservation record; a forgotten historic fire in Canada; the impact of the Congregational Church on the conservation movement; and an overview of wildfire on the Korean peninsula.

Linked articles are accessible in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader).

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[i] “Message from the President: Seventy Years Young” [PDF]
2 “Editor’s Note” by James G. Lewis [PDF]
4 “The Nature Scenery Act of 1928 in the Netherlands” by S. W. Verstegen [PDF]
14 “Apollo and Shooting Star: The Youthful Correspondence of Beatrix Jones Farrand and Gifford Pinchot” by Bibi Gaston [PDF]
22 “The Great Fire of 1919: People and a Shared Firestorm in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada” by Peter J. Murphy, Cordy Tymstra, and Merle Massie [PDF]
32 “Measured Impact: William B. McKinley and Late-Nineteenth-Century Conservation” by Char Miller [PDF]
39 “Farms, Forests, and Parks and the Congregational Quest for an Equitable and Sustainable Society”by Mark Stoll [PDF]
50 “In the Line of Fire: An Overview of Wildfire in Korea” by Stephen J. Pyne [PDF]
54 “Biographical Portrait: Duane Leroy Bliss, Lumber Baron of the Comstock Lode” by Jack Harpster [PDF]
59 “History on the Road: John Muir and Aldo Leopold in Wisconsin” by Thomas J. Straka and James G. Lewis [PDF]
63 Books and Films of Interest by Jason Howard, Eben Lehman and James G. Lewis [PDF]
70 Mark Your Calendar [PDF]
Annual Report
71 From the Chair [PDF]
71 Treasurer’s Report [PDF]
73 Contributions and Project Sponsors [PDF]
75 Welcome to New Members [PDF]
75 Honor Roll of Members 25+ Years [PDF]
76 Gifts to the Forest History Society Library [PDF]
78 Awards and Fellowships [PDF]
80 Publications of the Forest History Society [PDF]
82 Back Cover [PDF]