Frank Liebig

Any story of the early Flathead must include Frank Liebig.

Trained in Germany as a forester, Frank came to the Flathead at the turn of the century. His first Flathead National Forest Ranger District assignment, in 1901, contained one million acres, in which is now Glacier National Park. He was the first Ranger assigned to this area. He was assigned to various Ranger Districts and the Supervisor's Office until his retirement in 1935.

Frank had two special hobbies: taxidermy and botany. Liebig died in 1950. His private collection of mounted birds and animals was given to Glacier National Park by his family. It is on display in the Park headquarters at West Glacier, Montana. He left several large herbariums. His plant collection and identification work will be of influence for a long time to come.

His personal herbarium was given to the University of Montana at Missoula.