Stepping Through the Forest

Step 1 – The Scenario:

The United States government and the United Nations recently created a “think tank” (a group of experts who provide advice and suggestions about a specific problem or issue) to analyze the topic of sustainable management. Congratulations on being invited to participate in this very important project! In order to prepare for the task that awaits you, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 – The Research:

Using the essay and class discussion as a guide, compose a definition for “sustainable management.”

Re-read sections of the essay describing the sustainable management of forests. Write down any significant points.

Review the information contained in “Discussing Sustainable Management” (next page) to get a better idea of the ways in which countries around the globe have proposed to solve the problems facing the world’s forests. Discuss the important points covered in the three examples listed on “Discussing Sustainable Management.”

As a group, decide how far into the future you believe a sustainable management plan needs to be implemented. For example, do you think a 10-year plan would be enough to combat problems like deforestation or would you suggest a longer period of time like 50 or even 100 years. Be prepared to discuss and defend your choice.

Step 3 – The Assignment:

Now that you and the other members of the think tank have a better understanding of sustainable management, you need to complete the following assignment:

Devise 3 recommendations for achieving the sustainable management of American forests AND 3 recommendations for achieving the sustainable management of the global forest. (Record your suggestions in the spaces provided on Worksheet 5: Thinking about the Future).

Note – When creating your suggestions, you need to make the following assumptions:

The U.S. government and leaders from other nations may not reserve any additional land that bans the removal of timber.
Global population will continue to rise at a fast rate.

Step 4 – The Meeting:

Once your group has completed its suggestions, it is time to join your classmates in a discussion on sustainable management. Each group will have 5-10 minutes to explain its suggestions for achieving sustainable management in both American forests and the global forest. Time permitting, compare and contrast each of the group’s suggestions and discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of sustainable management.