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Fall 2017 Issue

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Articles in the Fall 2017 issue include discussion of Native American land ownership in California’s national forests; ecology’s role in shaping forest policy; the challenges facing hemlock trees in the eastern U.S.; the forest work of German POWs in Canada during World War II; the impact of the first lumber boom in the Gulf South; the different ways historians and environmentalists have interpreted the life and work of Henry David Thoreau; a biographical portrait of conservationist Charles W. Garfield of Michigan; and Maryland’s Catoctin State Park unusual history.

Linked articles are accessible in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader).


[i] “Message from the President: Looking Back as We Look Forward” [PDF]
2 “Editor’s Note” by James G. Lewis [PDF]
3 “Native American Land Ownership in California’s National Forests” by Larisa K. Miller
14 “Slow Awakening: Ecology’s Role in Shaping Forest Fire Policy” by Stephen F. Arno [PDF]
22 “Causes and Consequences of the First Lumber Boom in the Gulf South” by Mason C. Carter and James P. Barnett
31 “The Plight of the Hemlock in Eastern Forests” by Sara deFosset [PDF]
40 “‘New Faces, Same Old Values’: A History of Discrimination in the Forest Service” by James G. Lewis
48 “The Trouble with Thoreau’s Wilderness” by Richard W. Judd
56 “‘Freedom in the Midst of Nature’: German Prisoners of War in Riding Mountain National Park” by Michael O’Hagan
63 “Biographical Portrait: Charles William Garfield (1848–1934)” by Joseph J. Jones
68 “History on the Road: Catoctin State Park” by Thomas J. Straka and James G. Lewis; Photos by Patricia A. Straka [PDF]
73 Books of Interest by Jason Howard, Eben Lehman, and James G. Lewis [PDF]
82 Back Cover [PDF]