Table of Contents

Men Who Matched the Mountains:

The Forest Service in the Southwest




Chapter I. The Pioneers

Chapter II. Men on Horseback

Chapter III. Cattle, Sheep and People

Chapter IV. New Rangers

Chapter V. Fire!

Chapter VI. Wild Times and Wild Horses

Chapter VII. What the Well Dressed Ranger Should Wear

Chapter VIII. Six-Guns and Sons o' Guns

Chapter IX. Grazing Problems

Chapter X. Reconnaissance

Chapter XI. Timbe-r-r-r!

Chapter XII. No Lady Rangers—But Lots of Paper Work

Chapter XIII. From Horses to Horseless Carriages

Chapter XIV. CCC Days

Chapter XV. Ranger Humor

Chapter XVI. Grasslands

Chapter XVII. The National Forests of Arizona

Chapter XVIII. The National Forests in New Mexico

Chapter XIV. Lost Mines and Buried Treasure

Chapter XX. Ah Wilderness!

Chapter XXI. Recreation

Chapter XXII. Multiple Use

Chapter XXIII. Land Exchanges

Chapter XXIV. Management

Chapter XXV. Public Relations

Chapter XXVI. The Modern Ranger

Chapter XXVII. Land Grant Country
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