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Spring/Fall 2020 Issue

Feature articles in this issue include three timely discussions: the need to protect Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve from illegal logging, the use by present-day foresters of forest management plans from a century ago to ecologically restore a forest, and how the Dust Bowl of the 1930s could shape the public’s perception of wildfire in the United States today. Other articles look at forgotten transformational figures in watershed stewardship and in a fight over mining in a wilderness area, what could be learned from a forgotten fire in Canada and the U.S., and a forgotten experiment operating a forest products cooperative. And there’s a colorful graphic timeline highlighting one hundred years of the National Association of State Foresters. In the Columns department, you can learn about the last major purchase made under the 1911 Weeks Act, and Maryland’s “First Woman of Forestry.” (view cover image)

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[i] “Message from the President: Asking the Right Questions” by Steven Anderson [PDF]
2 “Editor’s Note” by James G. Lewis [PDF]
3 Masthead [PDF]
4 “‘We Were in Love with the Forest’: Protecting Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve” by Ellen Sharp and Will Wright [PDF]
18 “Firebreak: How the Maine–New Brunswick Border Defined the 1825 Miramichi Fire” by Alan MacEachern [PDF]
26 “Fighting Kennecott from the Supervisor’s Office: Harold Chriswell, the Wilderness Act, and Independence in the North Cascades” by Adam M. Sowards [PDF]
34 “Our Future Has Its Roots in the Past: Using Century-Old Working Plans for Pine Management at Cook’s Branch Conservancy” by Joe Hamrick [PDF]
40 “Reclamation Project: Rediscovering W. W. Ashe and the Origins of Watershed Stewardship” by Char Miller [PDF]
50 “100 Years of the National Association of State Foresters” by the Staff of the National Association of State Foresters [PDF]
56 “The Otsego Forest Products Cooperative: A Unique Experiment” by Hugh O. Canham [PDF]
62 “Fire’s Dust Bowl Moment” by Stephen J. Pyne [PDF]
66 Portrait: Margaret Teresa “Teri” Batchelor (1956–2020) by Kenneth Jolly [PDF]
69 Places: Red Bird Purchase Unit, Daniel Boone National Forest by Gordon Small [PDF]
75 Media by Lauren Bissonette, Eben Lehman, and James G. Lewis [PDF]
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81 Contributors and Sponsors [PDF]
83 Honor Roll of Members of 25-plus Years [PDF]
83 Welcome New FHS Members! [PDF]
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85 Awards and Fellowships [PDF]
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