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Fall 2008 Issue

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[i] “Message from the President: Photographs and Memories” [PDF]
2 “Editor’s Note” by James G. Lewis [PDF]
3 “No Longer on the Fringe” (A note about the American Society for Environmental History workshop) by Stephen J. Pyne [PDF]
4 “Spark and Sprawl: A World Tour” by Stephen J. Pyne [PDF]
12 “The Emergence of the Wildland-Urban Interface Concept” by William T. Sommers [PDF]
20 “The Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Problem: A Consequence of the Fire Exclusion Paradigm” by Jack Cohen [PDF]
27 “Scorched Truth: Changing News Values on Wildfires” by Rocky Barker [PDF]
32 “The Nature of Media Coverage: Two Minnesota Fires” by Mark Neuzil [PDF]
40 “Fire Alarm: Historians, and Thorstein Veblen, to the Rescue” by Patricia Nelson Limerick [PDF]
48 “Untamed Art” by Stephen J. Pyne [PDF]
58 “Biographical Portrait: Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)” by Scott Gurney [PDF]
63 “History on the Road: Charcoal and Nevada’s Early Mining Industry” by Thomas J. Straka and Robert H. Wynn [PDF]
67 Books of Interest [PDF]
71 Mark Your Calendar [PDF]
Annual Report
72 From the Chairman [PDF]
73 Treasurer’s Report [PDF]
74 Contributions and Project Sponsors [PDF]
76 Gifts to the Forest History Society Library [PDF]
78 Awards and Fellowships [PDF]
80 Publications of the Forest History Society [PDF]