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Forest ranger on Cabinet National Forest, Montana, 1909.

Adipex Online 2015

The Forest History Society is a nonprofit library and archive dedicated to collecting, preserving, and disseminating forest and conservation history for all to use. The Society links the past to the future while reminding us about our important forest heritage.

As part of our mission, FHS is continually seeking innovative ways of enhancing its programs in research, publication, and education, and new methods for promoting the study of environmental history. Towards that end, you'll now find us on Facebook and Twitter and blogging at Peeling Back the Bark. We invite you to take a tour of FHS, and then explore the website and discover your forest heritage!


Our Library and Archives contain an extensive collection of published works, photographs, and primary sources that provide a comprehensive look at forest, conservation, and environmental history.


Unsure of how to begin your search? Having trouble locating that special document? Need help getting oriented with our services and resources? Ask a member of our library staff for help!


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