1. Matches.—Be sure your match is out. Break it in two before you throw it away.

2. Tobacco.—Be sure that pipe ashes and cigar or cigarette stubs are dead before throwing them away. Never throw them into brush, leaves, or needles.

3. Making camp.—Before building a fire, scrape away all inflammable material from a spot 5 feet in diameter. Dig a hole in the center and in it build your camp fire. Keep your fire small. Never build it against trees or logs or near brush.

4. Breaking camp.—Never break camp until your fire is out—dead out.

5. Brush burning.—Never burn slash or brush in windy weather or while there is the slightest danger that the fire will get away.

6. How to put out a camp fire.—Stir the coals while soaking them with water. Turn small sticks and drench both sides. Wet the ground around the fire. If you can not get water, stir in earth and tread it down until packed tight over and around the fire. Be sure the last spark is dead.