Use of Photographic Images

Images displayed in the FHS Image Database and Photo Galleries are low-resolution versions provided for academic research purposes only. High-resolution digital scans for publication are available for purchase. Images may be subject to reproduction fees and use fees.

Permission from the Forest History Society is required for any use of images. To obtain permission, please complete the Application for Permission to Use Photographic Images [pdf] and submit it via fax, mail, or email. FHS Staff will review the application, and if approved, will return a signed copy for your files (please include your email and mailing address). Use of images is licensed under the terms of a specific project; any subsequent use must be reauthorized. Photo credit should read: "Photo courtesy of the Forest History Society, Durham, N.C."

All inquiries related to use of photographs should be directed to Eben Lehman, 2925 Academy Rd., Durham, N.C. 27705-9311; Tel.: (919) 682-9319; Fax: (919) 682-2349. You may also submit a photo request form.

Copyright Notice/Terms of Use

Materials displayed in the Forest History Society Image Database and Photo Galleries may be protected by the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code). Under the law, photocopies or reproductions produced by libraries and archives are not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." Any reproduction of items beyond that allowed by fair use requires the written permission of the Forest History Society and/or the copyright owners.

The Forest History Society has endeavored to properly identify copyright owners, but there are some images in its collections about which little is known. All responsibility for possible infringement of copyright or other rights is assumed by the user. The Society asks any copyright owners who are not properly identified to contact the FHS Staff so that appropriate credit may be given and permissions observed in the future.

FHS Photographic Services Fees

To qualify for non-profit rates, proof of non-profit status is required.

Service Fee
Photographic Research - non-profit organizations $15.00 / hour
Photographic Research - for-profit organizations $30.00 / hour
Electronic Scan (.jpg or .tif file scanned at 300 dpi or more) $12.00
B/W Print - various sizes * $17.00 - $50.00 *
FHS Handling Charges - regular (per order) $5.00
FHS Handling Charges - rush (per order) $20.00
Postage actual charges

* We no longer have a local studio that can make photographic prints from film. We do, however, have the capability to scan the original photograph at 300 dpi and print a copy on photo-quality paper.

Advertising Use

Promotional use of iconographic images for posters, post cards, brochures, book covers, web sites, etc.

Distribution For Profit Non Profit
US Local $30.00 per image $15.00 per image
US Regional $75.00 per image $35.00 per image
US National $150.00 per image $75.00 per image
Worldwide $200.00 per image $100.00 per image

Editorial Use

Use of images within books, periodicals, CDs, calendars, videos, films, web pages, etc.

Distribution For Profit Non Profit
< 5,000 copies $30.00 per image $15.00 per image
5,001 - 10,000 copies $50.00 per image $25.00 per image
10,001 - 50,000 copies $75.00 per image $40.00 per image
> 50,000 copies $100.00 per image $50.00 per image

Public Display

Display of images in museum exhibits, offices, restaurants, etc.

Distribution For Profit Non Profit
8" x 10" image and smaller $50.00 per image $15.00 per image
11" x 14" image and larger $90.00 per image $30.00 per image