Oral History Interviews Dealing with Canada Conducted by the Forest History Society

The Forest History Society's (FHS) oral history program has produced a number of interviews pertaining to Canada (see descriptions below). Search our Annotated Guide to FHS Oral History Interviews for other topics.

  • ANDERSON, Peter B. (1866-1959)
    Cedar shingle mill operator. Immigration from Sweden to Minnesota, 1885; employment with Weyerhaeuser Company, 1887; land clearing, homesteading, real estate, and varied other enterprises, Tacoma, Washington; partnership in cedar shingle company on Nooksack River, 1893-96; logging, butchering, construction and mining, Klondike gold rush (1897); operation of cedar shingle mills, Bellingham, Washington, 1905-10; mill operations and retirement in British Columbia, Canada. Interviewed by Elwood R. Maunder in 1958 (39 pp.); rough transcript).
  • COLE, Harry W.
    Associate manager, Hammond Lumber Company, California. Beginnings of Hammond, Bronson, and Weston operations in Ottawa, Canada; Bronson's purchase and development of Little River Lumber Company and merger with Hammond in 1930s. Interviewed by John Larson in 1953 (4 pp.); final transcript.
  • FORESTER, Herbert F. (b. 1890)
    Employed by Winton Lumber, Minnesota, 1909. Lumbering operations in Lake States, Canada, Oregon, and California; Thief River Falls, Robertson, Crookston, Brainerd, Bemidji, Prince Albert, The Pas, Finger, Rose Lake, Stack-Gibbs, Siskiyou-Minnesota, and Long-Bell lumber companies. Interviewed by Clodaugh Neiderheiser in 1956 (26 pp.); rough transcript.
  • HART, Harold V. "Pete" (b. 1902)
    Employment with St. Regis Paper. Roy K. Ferguson; Floyd Carlisle; pulpgrinding techniques; paper making process and equipment; cruising; wood procurement; land acquisition and expansion in Canada and the United States, early 20th century. Interviewed by Elwood R. Maunder in 1976 (78 pp.); rough transcript.
  • McGUIRE, John R. (1916-2002 )
    Chief, U.S. Forest Service, 1973-1978; former deputy for program planning and legislation, U.S. Forest Service; fostered cooperation in forest research among Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Discussion of U.S. Forest Service, clearcutting, and wilderness areas. Interviewed by Harold K. Steen in 1987 (vi + 143 + [3] pp.; selected bibliography); final transcript.
  • MATHIEU, James Arthur (b. 1869)
    Associated with Shevlin lumber interests in Lake States, circa 1900; president, J. A. Mathieu Limited; president, Northern Pine Manufacturers Association. Youth; log rafting, 1885; Crookston Lumber Company, Minnesota; Ontario, Canada, 1905; equipment and mechanization. Interviewed by Bruce C. Harding in 1957 (10 pp.); final transcript.
  • NICKEY, Samuel M., Sr. (b. 1868)
    President, Nickey Brothers, Inc. Growth of company from Indiana to Mississippi; venture in timberland near Vancouver, British Columbia; hardwood operations in Indiana and Tennessee. Interviewed by John Larson in 1953 (9 pp.); final transcript).
  • PLANT , Charles (b. 1891)
    Associated with Vancouver Lumber Company; Bloedel, Stewart & Welch, British Columbia, 1930-56. Youth in Great Britain; shingle making in Canada; shingle grades; labor; Bror L. Grondal; president, Red Cedar Shingle & Handsplit Shake Bureau; U.S. tariffs; trade associations; thousand pack to square pack; antiwood-shingle legislation; J.. H. and Prentice Bloedel. Interviewed by Elwood R. Maunder in 1974 (vii + 81 pp.; illustrations, appendices, index); final transcript.
  • PLOCHMANN, Richard P. (d. 1991)
    Associated with University of Munich, Germany. Family history; education; World War II; employment in Canada; Asia; forestry education; forestry as a profession; multiple use; Douglas-fir; spruce; lumber prices; federal/private land ownership. Interviewed by Elwood R. Maunder and David T. Mason in 1969 (60 pp.); final transcript.
  • REED, William G. (1908-1989)
    Former employee of S. G. Simpson & Co. Simpson-Reed interests in the Pacific Northwest; Reed family's management of company; logging, timberland ownership, forest products industry, and trade associations in Washington state; timber taxation; expansion of company in United States, Canada, and South America; George Drake and forest management. Interviewed by Elwood R. Maunder and Charles Buchwalter in 1974 and 1975 ( xii + 186 pp.; appendices, index); final transcript.