Potlatch Lumber Company Films, 1951 – 1976


Descriptive Summary

Abstract: The Potlatch Lumber Company was founded in Idaho in 1903. For over a century the company has provided forest products and timberland management. This collection contains 16mm films collected by the Potlatch Lumber Company’s Public Affairs Office.

Title: Potlatch Lumber Company Films, 1951 – 1976

Creator: Potlatch Corporation

Repository: Forest History Society Library and Archives

Call Number: 2013-001

Language of Material: Material in English

Extent: 4 linear feet (1 record carton, stacked film boxes)


Historical Note

Potlatch Lumber Company was originally formed in Idaho in 1903 by several investors. Potlatch Lumber Company changed its name to Potlatch Forests, Inc. when it merged with Clearwater Timber Company and Edward Rutledge Timber Company in 1931. In 1956, Potlatch merged with Arkansas’ Southern Lumber Company, and in 1964 acquired the Northwest Lumber Company, based in Minnesota. In 1973 the organization changed its name to Potlatch Corporation, and in 2006, the company reorganized as a real estate investment trust rechristened as the Potlatch Forest Products Corporation. In 2018 Potlatch merged with Arkansas-based Deltic Timber, the combined company changing its name to PotlatchDeltic Corporation.

Collection Overview

The collection contains 16mm films and related documentation, created by various organizations and collected by the Potlatch Lumber Company’s Public Affairs Office for their use.

Collection Arrangement

  1. 1. 16mm Films, 1951-1976


Subject Headings

  • Potlatch Lumber Company
  • Potlatch Forest Products Corporation
  • Potlatch Corporation
  • Potlatch Forests, Inc.
  • Forest Industry
  • Pest Control
  • Potlatch, Washington
  • Monongahela National Forest


Detailed Description of the Collection

1. 16mm Films, 1951-1976
  • Box 1
    • A Piece of Wood
      [United States. 1957. A Piece of wood. Washington, D.C.: Motion Picture Service, USDA.]; 26cm X 26cm latched film box; “P-1285-1-E Color Comp. Print” ; “A Piece of wood #5,” USFS.
    • The South’s 3rd Forest
      Southern Forestry Institute [1969]; 26cm X 26cm latched film box; Contains: brochures from Southern Forest Resource Council., & Southern Forest Resource Analysis Committee. (1970). The South’s third forest. S.l.: Southern Forest Resource Council, Memo from the Southern Forest Institute regarding sales of movie prints and recommendations for presentation, Film recap sheet and Third Forest Information presented by state. Color, 13:30 min; (Viewable online: https://texasarchive.org/2017_03231).
    • It’s a Tree Country
      American Forest Products Industries, 1954. 26cm X 26cm latched film box; A film giving an objective, up-to-the-minute account of the many advances in forest fire prevention, tree farming, research and utilization wood-using industries and timberland owners are making around the United States. 16mm., Kodachrome color. Running time: 13 min., 42 sec.
    • The Massapequa Story
      Property of: National Lumber Manufacturers Association. 1957; 26cm X 26cm latched film box.
    • Balancing the Benefits
      American Forest Institute; 26cm X 26cm plastic film box (lockable).
    • Clean Water and Common Sense
      26cm X 26cm plastic film box (lockable); Print #23.
  • Shelved – H19
    • Potlatch Country
      Potlatch, 1966. [Boise, Idaho]: Film Originals; 33cm X 33cm plastic film box.
    • The Last Log Drive
      Potlatch Forests, inc, and Film Originals. 1969. Last of the log drives. 20 mins; 4#26 281 Filmed 1966+69; 29cm X 29cm plastic film box (lockable).
    • An American Sawmill
      An American sawmill. 1965. [Boise, Idaho]: Boise Cascade Corp. [distributor]. Print 5; Color Print, Approx 24 min, Date: 1967? 29cm X 29cm latched film box.
    • The Monongahela
      The Monongahela; 1976, Color – “Public Version” #8; 24 mins; 29cm X 29cm latched film box.
    • Clear Cutting
      Clear Cutting, #6 on master; 33cm X 33cm plastic film box.
  • Shelved – H20
    • Potlatch Story
      Potlatch Forests, Inc, and Film Originals. 1957. The Potlatch story. 28 mins, Filmed about 1946-47; 33cm X 33cm plastic film box.
    • Operation Whip
      Northwestern Incorporated. 1963. Operation whip. [S.l.]: Northwestern Inc. 28:30, Color. Step-by-step, on the side of the protection forester, you are taken in thrilling color and sound through the events leading up to the arrest and conviction of a tree killer! Jack Webb is not aboard in this one, but the picture does not suffer for lack of drama and excitement. Loopers loop, hemlocks holler, choppers chop, a knight in cork boots comes to the rescue, the villain is routed, and all is not lost or in vain! You can help gain audiences for the new film documentary which tells the truth about forest spraying. “OPERATION WHIP,” just released, documents a case history in the planned, coordinated, controlled and checked use of chemicals in forest protection. Employing as its subject the Willapa Hemlock Infestation Project in southwest Washington in 1963, this 16 mm, 28 ½ – minute, sound, color movie with background music is a pioneer effort in communications on a first-order forest pest control issue. It is designed to be a visual aid which will help retain the threatened safe use of chemical spraying as a forest management tool; “Used during 1963-65 DFTM outbreak + control project”; 33cm X 33cm latched film box.
    • Forests and the Insect Factor
      American Forest Institute. 1976. Forests and the insect factor. Washington: The Institute; 33cm X 33cm plastic film box; (Viewable online: https://texasarchive.org/2017_03226).
    • The New Paul Bunyan
      [Weyerhaeuser, 1951?]; Note on box: “This copy of ‘The New Paul Bunyon [sic]’ is broken in several places + needs a new leader, RGC 6/24/88”; “Repaired 4/15/11”; 33cm X 33cm latched film box.
    • The Forest Productive
      Di Giorgio Corporation, Studios Kaminski, Ltd, and Palmer Film Services. 1970. The forest productive. 29:30, Color. “NOTE: This is an excellent story of multiple use forest mgmt.. Produced by Di Giorgio Corp., San Fr. Calif., with coop/Am.For. [Illegible], [Bohemia] Logging, and several others. Nearly all coast fir + ponderosa pine (maybe some redwood?)”; 33cm X 33cm latched film box.
    • From Forest to Home
      Note on canister: #9 (A), PFI Corp. [damaged?]. 12-inch film canister.
    • The Working Forest
      Spine: The Working Forest, Note: Date: ’75 to ’80, Union Pacific RR PR film, Do not Loan (film is brittle and is missing sprocket holes); 33cm X 33cm plastic film box.


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