John Garland Logging Films, 1968 – 2001


Descriptive Summary

Abstract: John Garland is a professor emeritus of forestry, as well as a renowned safety expert and forest engineer. He has produced several documentary films on forestry, logging equipment, and technology. The collection contains films collected by Garland, as well as some of his own productions. The films are in a variety of formats, including 16mm, 8mm, VHS, and U-matic.

Title: John Garland Logging Films, 1968 – 2001

Creator: Garland, John

Repository: Forest History Society Library and Archives

Call Number: 2014-003

Language of Material: Material in English

Extent: 9.0 linear ft. (5 record cartons)


Biographical Note

John Garland is a professor emeritus of forestry, as well as a renowned safety expert and forest engineer. Garland was born on White Mountain Indian Reservation in Minnesota. In 1956 his father moved the family to Coos Bay, Oregon, a location that served as the foundation for Garland’s education in forestry. Garland received his bachelors, with honors, in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University in 1970. Two years later he completed his masters in Forest Management from the University of Minnesota. Garland also later completed his PhD at Oregon State University. Garland has spent over three decades as a Timber Harvesting Extension Specialist at Oregon State. As a professor emeritus of forestry he has produced numerous research and publications on logging safety. He has also made several documentary films, including Skylines of the Northwest, Aerial Logging Systems, and Soil Compaction on Forest Land. Garland has also made numerous appearances as an expert on the History Channel on programs such as Modern Marvels: Logging Tech, Suicide Missions: Timber! and Ax Men.


Collection Overview

The collection contains films collected by Garland, as well as some of his own productions. These forestry, logging, technology, and safety films are in a variety of formats, including 16mm, 8mm, VHS, and U-matic.

Collection Arrangement

  1. Logging Films, 1968-2001


Subject Headings

  • Felling
  • Forests and forestry
  • Forestry equipment
  • Forestry innovations
  • Forest Industry
  • Forests and forestry — Equipment and supplies
  • Logging
  • Logging, Skyline
  • Logging equipment
  • Logging — Machinery
  • Machinery
  • Transport
  • Tree felling equipment


Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Logging Films, 1968-2001
  • Box 1
    • Elmia Dub Original [VHS videotape]
    • Husqvarna Iron Horse [VHS videotape]
    • Tape #2 Demo 92 footage from British Columbia [VHS videotape]
    • Miscellaneous film clips FE, helicopters, balloon etc. Oct 1971 [16mm film]
    • Soil Compaction on Forest Lands [16mm film]
    • Small Area Operations in Steep Terrain. Japanese film dub of Moro Forest Operations [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
    • Garland Chainsaw Kickback with Graphics [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
    • Garland Footage of Feller Buncher and Wide Skidder Tires [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
  • Box 2
    • 3 Films of Uphill Tree Pulling DNRWA Films, 8 – 12 min. [16mm film]
    • Original Films of Dellwood Timber Tipper. 9 min. Garland Production [16mm film]
    • Barnhart – US Department of Agriculture – Siskiyou National Forest (Unknown Footage) [16mm film]
    • Teardrop Balloon & Grapple Logging. John O’Leary February 1970 [16mm film]
    • 1st Fall…on reel unknown footage (Small round reel) [16mm film]
    • Timber Harvesting in the Northwest (2 reels). John Garland, for OSU Forest Media Center. Summer 1970 [8mm film]
    • Master: Optimal Bucking. John Garland [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
    • Safety in Tree Length Operations. Weyerhaeuser Vail Tree Farm 1981 [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
  • Box 3
    • Northern Spotted Owl “A View from the Forest KVAL TV Spot Dubbed for Garland” [VHS videotape]
    • Handling Small Wood: Pickup yarding and MacDonald Forest. Garland Footage 1970 [16mm film]
    • Hartzell Propeller? John O’Leary 9/26/69 [16mm film]
    • Intermediate Support System [16mm film]
    • Master Copy (Do Not Project) Unknown Footage by Prof. John O’Leary Late 1960’s [16mm film]
    • Vee Ballon Logging by John O’Leary Feb 1970 8 min. [16mm film]
    • Van Norman Intermediate Supports by OSU FIR Project 1980’s [16mm film]
    • Who Will Come Home Tonight? Safety Film on Logging 1968, Weyerhaeuser Company [16mm film]
    • Berry 83′ Forestry Outdoor Demonstrations 10/83 [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
    • Chokerman, The. Tape Transfer, Weyerhaeuser 1970 [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
    • Film Dubs of; Dellwood Timber Tipper, Aerial Logging Systems, Skylines of the Northwest by John Garland [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
    • KVAL TV Show with John Garland on Logging Training 8-11-87 [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
    • Safe and Effective Chain Saw Use by John Garland [U-matic 3/4″ tape]
  • Box 4 (VHS videotapes)
    • Aerial Logging Systems. Garland Production. Color, 1976; 14:00 (view online)
    • Alternative Harvesting. Wayne Chose & Associates for Interfor 1990’s
    • Canadian Pulp & Paper Association Demo 88′ by Garland
    • Central Tire Inflation by OSU Forestry Media Center
    • Chainsaw Kickback by Carlton Chain (Brown Case)
    • CPPA Demo 1988
    • Demo 92′ Equipment Demonstration in Canada 1992 (3 tapes)
    • Demon 96′ Equipment Demonstration in Canada Day 1
    • Designated Skid Trails by OSU
    • Designated Skid Trails 903-VT OSU
    • Efficient Forestry by Skogsarbeten
    • Excavators Silvicultural Attachments & Treatments
    • Finnish Logging, by the Finnish Logging Institute 1980’s
    • Harzod – A Logging Safety Video Program. Northern Woods Safety Foundation
    • Husqvarna “Iron Horse” OSU
    • It Takes a Tree. Pacific Logging Congress
    • Kinuza: Tree Harvester (Dub of Garland silent Film)
    • Logging – Nordic by Garland 1989-90
    • The Loggers’ Story, Interfor
    • Logging 1 (30 Min. OSU)
    • Logging 2. (50 Min. OSU)
    • Log Walker – New Zealand Trail Machine. (Letter enclosed from Garland to NZ Trade Agency 1989)
    • Operation Foret Avenir. French Canadian Operations 1992-93
    • Pre-Commercial Thinning Techniques with Soren Eriksson
    • Pre-located Skid Roads by USFS?
    • Safety in the Logging Woods – Loader Operations
    • Soil Compaction of Forest Lands. Garland Production
    • Suicide Missions: Timber, the History Channel. (Garland Copy. Garland was technical consultant for this episode.)
    • Stump to Mill. Alabama Forestry Association
    • Swedish Videos – Thinning’s, Horse Logging, Small Processors. John Garland OSU 1988
    • Tracking Productivity in Mechanized Logging
    • Volteo Con Motosierras. Chilean training on chainsaw use (in Spanish)
    • Water Quality and Our Forests: Western Oregon Research
  • Box 5 (VHS videotapes)
    • An Ax to Grind Part 1 & Part 2 (USFS; 2 tapes)
    • Environmental Logging Using Tractor & Cable Methods: Fact of Fiction; 9:00
    • Silvilog CMC OSU; 1:24:00
    • Site Preparation CMS OSU; 60:00
    • Managing Forest Ecosystems – CMC OSU; 1:45:00
    • ITT FLA Trip to Southern US by Garland w/ ITT Company looking at Logging Operations & Forestry, 1989
    • ITT Jessup, GA
    • ITT Savannah
    • ITT GA
    • ITT Charleston, SC
    • Omark (Oregon Saw Chain) Kickback: Testing Vignettes, 1970’s
    • Put’er There: A Directional Felling Program by the Northern Woods Safety Foundation
    • Melcher Operation – Oregon Logger by Garland 1990’s; 48:00
    • Smith Timber Master -Scottish Yarder used in West 1980’s; 30:00
    • Tape # 1 Demo 92′ BC Canada by Garland
    • KVAL TV Interview w/ Garland 8-11-87
    • Squamish: Protecting People, Protecting Parks
    • Who’s Lookin’ After My Forest and Howse It Goin’? Timberjack/Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, 1993; 28:00 (view online)
    • The Forest Health Crisis: A Cut to Length Presecription; Timberjack, 1990’s; 21:00
    • Concept Films Level Swing Feller Buncher ’89; Timberjack; 13:45
    • Timberjack 1270/1010 Cut-to-Length System “Do It at the Stump”; 12:50
    • Timberjack 608 Feller Buncher and 450 S/A Grapple “The Hot Logging Team”; 12:15
    • Timberjack C-Series Skidders “The Best Gets Better”; 11:50
    • Timberjack 933C Clambunk “Match Your Feller Buncher”; 14:55
    • The Careful Loggers, Timberjack; 30:00
    • Timberjack 450B Dual Arch Grapple, 240A Single Arch P/S Grapple, 380 B Single Arch Grapple, 450B cable; 21:00
    • Timberjack FMG 990 Single Grip Harvester and FMG 910 Forwarder Pine PLantation North Carolina, May 1990; 31-32:00
    • Timberjack FMG 990 Single-Grip Harvester in Finland and North America, Oct 1989; 35:00
    • Timberjack FMG 910 Lokomo NTSC; 10:40
    • Timberjack FMG 990 Lokomo NTSC; 9:40
    • Timberjack Feller Bunchers – 600 Series, Dec 14, 1990; 17:50
  • Shelved – H16
    • Large film of unknown content from PNW Research Station – R6 likely historical logging film. [16mm film]
    • Brown plastic film likely to be uphill tree pulling by WA DNR but unknown content [16mm film]
    • 6 reels, 3 rolls of Garland outtakes from films produced by Garland [16mm film]


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