Inventory of the F. William Burley Collection on Belize, 1925 – 1995

Descriptive Summary

Abstract: F. William Burley worked in Belize as a consulting forester from 1987 to 1990. Burley helped set up the Programme For Belize and advised Minister Lindo on forestry, mangroves, and conservation issues. He was also part of the early effort to assist Belize in organizing a Tropical Forestry Action Plan (TFAP).

The collection includes published works, draft reports, bibliographic database search results, and other materials collected during F. Willliam Burley's work as a consulting forester in Belize from 1987 to 1990.

Title: F. William Burley Collection on Belize, 1925 - 1995

Creator: Burley, F. William

Repository: Forest History Society Library and Archives

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Biographical Note

F. William Burley worked in Belize as a consulting forester from 1987 to 1990. Burley helped set up the Programme For Belize and advised Minister Lindo on forestry, mangroves, and conservation issues. He was also part of the early effort to assist Belize in organizing a Tropical Forestry Action Plan (TFAP).


Collection Overview

The collection includes published works, draft reports, bibliographic database search results, and other materials collected during F. Willliam Burley's work as a consulting forester in Belize from 1987 to 1990.

Collection Arrangement

  1. Reports and Other Materials, 1925-1995


Subject Headings

  • Burley, F. William
  • Foresters -- Belize -- 20th century
  • Forestry -- Belize -- 20th century
  • Forestry -- British Honduras -- 20th century
  • Tropical Forestry Action Plan


Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Reports and Other Materials, 1925-1995.

Includes materials related to F. William Burley's work in Belize (formerly British Honduras).

  • Box 1
    Reports by the Forestry Department of British Honduras

    • Annual Reports: Forest Department British Honduras, 1936-1971
    • Reports: Forest Trust, 1925-1931 and 1933-1935
    • Progress Report, 1966-1972, by the Forestry Department of Belize, prepared for the Tenth Commonwealth Forestry Conference 1974
    • Progress Report, 1980-1984, by the Forestry Department, prepared for the Twelfth Commonwealth Forestry Conference, 1985.
  • Box 1
    Reports and Articles Regarding Forests of Belize

    • "The Vegetation of Peten," (Appendix), Studies of Mexican and Central American Plants - I, Cyrus Longworth Lundell, University of Michigan. Published by Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington. D.C., 1937.
    • "A List of the Dicotyledonease of Belize," Dwyer, J.D., Spellman, D.L., Rhodora (ISSN 0035-4902), vol. 83, Apr. 1981, No. 834, 161-236.
    • "A List of the Monocotyledoneae of Belize including a Historical Introduction of Plant Colleting in Belize," Spellman, D.L., Dwyer, J.D. Davidse, G., Rhodora, Vol. 77, No. 809, 1975, 105-140.
    • "Trees of Rio Bravo, A Guide to Trees of the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area, Belize," V. Nicholas, Brokaw and Elizabeth P. Mallory, Manomet Bird Observatory; Programme for Belize; Peter W. Acorn, Univ. of FLA.
    • Mahogany of Tropical America, Its Ecology and Management, F. Bruce Lamb. Lansing: Univ. of Michigan, 1966. (Photocopy of book.)
    • Report 1990: "Tropical Forest Valuation and Sustainability of a Non-Timber Forest Product," by Robert M. Heinzman, Conrad C. S. Reining, Juan Jose Castillo, James C. Nations, Robert O. Mendelsohn. Draft Article: "Commercial Non-timber Forest Products in Belize," Rober M. Heinzman and Conrad C.S. Reining.
    • Managing Forest Resources, A Belizean Case Study, by Jessica R. Wilson, MA thesis, Tufts Univ. 1995. Milpa Weeds of the Cayo District, Belize, British Honduras, Kellman, C., Adams, C. D., Canadian Geographer, XIV, 4, 1970, 323-343.
  • Box 1
    Bibliographical Material, "Z-Forest," History of Forestry and Forest Use

    • CD: "Belize: Bibliography of Forests and Forestry" by F. William Burley, circa 1994
    • Drafts of Forests and Forestry in Belize, Selected References and Source Materials by F. W. Burley
    • Computer Search performed by Oxford Forestry Institute, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, U.K.
      • Appears to be a very general search covering forestry in Belize.
    • Pamphlet entitled Research in Belize, Twenty One Years of Expeditions, 1966-1987, Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh.
    • Advances in Environmental and Biogeographical Research in Belize, edited by Peter A. Furley, University of Edinburgh, chapter 9, Part D: Applied biogeography; secondary hardwoods, geographical information systems and remote sensing.
  • Box 1

    • Includes publications dating from 1921 to 1987 collected by F. William Burley. Listing of publications shown on first page of book and included in the "Z-Forest" bibliography.
  • Box 2
    Topical Forestry Action Plan (TFAP)

    • Discussion Draft or Summary of the TFAP Report to the Government of Belize.
    • Belize Tropical Forestry Action Plan, Report by Oxford Forestry Institute, July 1989, final report.
    • Article covering Organization, functions of each group, and future plans for Forestry Institutions.
    • Tropical Forestry Action Plan: Belize Conservation issues and Recommendations, Nicholas V. L. Brokaw, Manomet Bird Observatory, Manomet, MA, final and draft of report. Key word and phrases: laws, regulations and conventions related to conversation; private protected areas; gap analysis, forest reserves, tourism and recommendations.
    • "Tropical Forestry Action Plan: Belize land use," author unknown. Covers physical features, land use as of 1988, suggestions for more efficient use of land and future use plans.
    • "Report on the management, silviculture and research for the forests of Belize Tropical Forestry Action Plan." John Palmer was the author of this report but not included in TFAP final Report. Tables, historical information on land use, discuses natural disasters and impact on forest, etc. forest management, future development, and 3 pages of references at end of report.
    • Redraft of Forest Industry sections of TFAP Report by John Palmer. Lots of tables, discussions of logging, sawmills, veneer mills, furniture manufacturing, boat building etc, past and future lumber use projections, etc. and action plans for future.
    • Forest Industry section of TFAP Report by Ossie Bender. Palmer edited Bender's contribution to the report.
    • Draft Report Contribution of Forest Economist section of TFAP Belize, S. L. Pringle, August 1988. Proposed economic impact resulting from efficient management of forest and land in Belize.
    • Each team member's section report, before editing for the TFAP.
    • Final TFAP Report. Individual sections were edited so all material not included in this report.
  • Box 2
    • Forest Statistics, Laws, and Policies
    • Forest Department Bulletin No 1, notes on Forty-Two Secondary Hardwood Timbers of British Honduras, April 1946.
      • Listing of secondary hardwood timbers including description of the trees and the wood, physical and mechanical prosperities, working qualities, and local uses.
      • Forests, Belize: Statutory Instrument No. 37 of 1980, printed by the Government Printery. Forest (Amendments) Rules 1980, and shall be read and construed as one with the Forests Rules, Chapter 115 of the subsidiary Laws 1963.
      • Belize: Statutory Instrument No 65 of 1980. Regulations governing Supplies (Control) (Prices) (No. 19) 1980.
      • Forests, Chapter 115, pp. 1496-1533: Licenses and permits to exploit forest products; Control of squatting, building, cultivation, grazing, hunting and fire control in reserves; Transport of timber by water and roads; Forest roads; Penalties; Different licensing forms.
      • Forest Rules, British Honduras, Statutory Instrument No. 18 of 1957.
      • The Subsidiary Laws of British Honduras in force on the 31st Day of December 1963, Revised Edition, Forests, Chapter 115.
      • Belize Forest Ordinance, Forests, Chapter 176, date may be 1957 but listed as 1927. Note included by F. William Burley states may be useful for tracing history of forest rules.
      • Statutory Instrument of No. 18 of 1957.
      • Rules for acquiring and purchasing land in Belize.
      • Logging regulation on private land, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishers, Office of Chief Forest Officer Belmopan, Belize.
      • List of individual Forest Reserves of Belize, 4 January 89 and 1987 list of Sawmills.
      • Production Figures, - hand written and type listed of tree type and related information from 1978-1987.
      • Review of forest licenses from 1965-1987.
      • Permits and forms used by the Forestry Department.
      • Forest Policy of British Honduras and an organizational chart.
      • List of "commercial trees," no date or source given.
      • Forests and Forestry in Belize, a Background Paper, no author or source given.
      • Mahogany: an Endangered Resource? IUCN (?) Newsletter #12, November 1983.
      • Folder labeled "Tropical Woods" Articles. Articles cover tree types, uses, etc.
      • Belize Lumber Producers Association, information sheets.
    • Regional Forestry Sector Study Country Report, Belize, Barbados, November 1983. Study conducted by the Caribbean Development Bank.
      • Forest Policy and Belizean Development: Obstacles and Opportunities. Draft for Journal Article, 1987. Author unknown.
      • Land in Belize 1765-1871, Nigel Bolland and Assad Shoman, Law and Society in the Caribbean No. 6, published by Institute of Social and Economic Research. University of The West Indies, Jamaica. Evolution of land use in Belize.
  • Box 2
    • Reports and Publications
      • The Utilization of the Forests of British Honduras, 1922 to 1956, Lindo, D. R., Dissertation for MA, UYU, 1958.
      • Report on the Forests of British Honduras with suggestions for a far reaching Forest Policy, by C. Hummel, Forestry Officer, 1926.
      • Brief Overview of Forestry in Belize by L.S. Lindo, Consultant, 1988.
      • Report to the Canadian International Development Agency on The Forest Resources, Forest Administration, Forest Management and Forest Industries in Belize by E. S. Fellows, 1076.
      • Land in British Honduras, Report of The British Honduras Land Use Survey team, Wright, A.C.S., Romney, D. H., Arbuckle, R. H., Vial, and V.E., 1959. Two copies of same report. One more complete with photocopies of land, etc.
      • Forestry Development, Belize, Project Findings and Recommendations. Prepared by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations acting as executing agency for the United Nations Development Programme for the Government of Belize, 1978.
      • Letter to F. William Burley from Martin Meadows plus attached information covering Mahogany reforestation, harvesting, description of seeding, planting information, etc.
      • Proposals for Wildlife Protection and National Parks System Legislation and the Establishment of National Parks and Reserves, Based on the work of Wm. O. Deshler, Consultant, United Nations Development Programme Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 1978. Document contains need and recommendations for strengthening the existing wildlife protection ordinance, 1944, plus proposed legislation relating to the establishment of a National Parks Systems. Also contains recommendations on apparent training needs of Forest Department personnel and suggests methods to achieve trained manpower goals.
      • Section 6, prepared by K. D. Duncan, from the Expedition to British Honduras - Yucatan 1966, General Report. Peter A. Furley, 1968, edited the reported. Review of the history of logging in Honduras. Three pages of references at end of section.
      • Inventory of the Chiquibul Forestry Reserve carried out between 1969 - 1971, M. S. Johnson (incomplete). As a background to the inventory, the physical aspects of climate, geology, topography, soils, vegetation and some aspects of the fauna of Chiquibul Forest Reserve are described, as are the human aspects of history, population, past management and more briefly, land tenure, present and land use, communications and markets for forest produce.
      • The Forests and Flora of British Honduras, Paul C. Standley and Samuel J. Record, Field Museum of Natural History, Publication 350, Botanical Series, Volume XII, 1936. Missing pages; 30, 31, 70, 71, 132, and 133. Pages 430 and 431 are poor quality copy. Volume covers forest types, timbers of economic importance woods for paper pulp and flora.


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