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Spring/Fall 2018 Issue

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Articles in the Spring-Fall 2018 issue include a discussion of the use of herbicides by the U.S. Forest Service, a brief history of the practice of forest bathing, reflections on the Association of Consulting Foresters and of Smokey Bear as they hit milestone anniversaries, a biographical portrait of pioneering archivist-historian Harold Pinkett, and information about the new Forest History Society building. The special section on World War I contains four articles looking at different aspects of forest history and the war.

Linked articles are accessible in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader).


[i] “Message from the President: Now We Begin” [PDF]
2 “Editor’s Note” by James G. Lewis [PDF]
3 “Vast, Incredible Damage: Herbicides and the U.S. Forest Service” by James G. Lewis and Char Miller
13 “Smokey Bear: From Idea to Icon” by James G. Lewis [PDF]
17 “From Haiku to Shinrin-yoku: A Brief History of Forest Bathing” by Julia Plevin
21 “Marking a Milestone: The Association of Consulting Foresters Celebrates 70 Years” by Amanda Ross and Lynn Wilson
26 “‘We Are Hell on Cutting Down Trees’: Unexplored Questions about the Forest Engineers’ Experience in the First World War” by Byron E. Pearson and James G. Lewis
34 “The Impact of World War I on French Timber Resources” by John R. Jeanneney
36 “The National Park Service and the First World War” by Marcella M. Sherfy
39 “The Spruce Production Division” by Gerald W. Williams
47 “Biographical Portrait: Harold T. Pinkett (1914-2001)” by Alexander Poole
60 “History on the Road: The Forest History Society” by Steven Anderson [PDF]
63 “Books of Interest” by Eben Lehman and James G. Lewis [PDF]
Society News
68 Contributions and Project Sponsors [PDF]
70 Honor Roll of Members 25+ Years [PDF]
71 Gifts to the Forest History Society Library [PDF]
72 Publications of the Forest History Society [PDF]
73 Masthead [PDF]
74 Back Cover [PDF]