Assessment 1: Application and Integration

Write and illustrate a memoir of one of the trees found on your school grounds. Give the tree a name, make a note of its number on the map, and use the following outline to guide you through the process. Try to include as much local history as you can.

Memoir of a School Yard Tree


Where and in what year did your parent tree sprout?
How old was your parent tree when your seed was formed?
How did your seed come to grow where it did?
What year did you sprout?

Life History

List the major historical events that you have witnessed. List the various land use patterns you have witnessed. List some of the human impacts that modified your shape. List the human impacts on the condition of your forest neighbors (animals and other plants.) List the human impacts on the soil around you.


Reflect upon the social, economic and political impacts you have experienced and draw conclusions about your life today and in the future. Do you think local, state and national governments should take an active role in tree management?