Worksheet 4 – Interview: Student Checklist

_______ Find a Tree Farmer/Private Forestland Owner to interview (this may be provided to you by your teacher). Due Date: ___________

_______ Contact the Tree Farmer or Private Forestland Owner to set up an interview by phone or e-mail. Interview Date: ___________

_______ Create your Interview Question List; choose the 8 interview questions you would like to use and write your additional 2 or 3 questions.

_______ Turn in your Interview Question List to be reviewed by your Editor (teacher) Due Date: ______

_______ Conduct your interview; take notes, record interviewee’s answers (be sure to get written permission before conducting your interview). Use permission form provided.

_______ Write your historical essay or edit & create your documentary film, or oral history tape/CD. Due Date: ______

_______ Final Project due: __________________