1. What benefits to the public do Private Forests offer? (Name at least 3)
  2. What are some of the products people might get from Private Forestlands (name at least 6)?
  3.  Name at least 3 Ecosystem Services that forestlands provide.
  4. What estimated percentage of U.S. forestlands is privately owned (including industry owned forestland)?
    a. 23%
    b. 45%
    c. 71%
    d. 89%
  5. Name three professional sources that a private forestland owner might choose to help them manage their land.
  6. Define “tree farming.”
  7. The American Tree Farm System has a set of standards that any private forestland owner must meet in order for their land to become a Certified Tree Farm. Give at least three examples of these standards.
  8. List three interesting facts you learned from your Tree Farmer/Private Forestland Owner Interview.
  9. What is the most interesting thing you learned from these lessons on private forestlands?