Worksheet 3: Oral History

  1. Based on the essay “A New Profession Takes Seed” and your class discussions so far list four things you know about early forestry education and employment opportunities in the first column of the table below marked “What I Know.”
  2. Next, list four things you don’t yet know about the early forest profession but hope to learn after reading the oral history excerpts in the second column marked “What I Want to Know.”
  3. In groups of 2-3 read aloud the stories of Henry E. Clepper, Inman F. (Cap) Eldredge, and Rudolph L. Fromme. Use a dictionary to help decipher any unfamiliar words. When you have completed the passages list four things you learned from the oral histories in the last column marked “What I Learned.”
What I KNOW What I WANT to Know What I LEARNED








4. Remaining in your groups, answer the following five questions (on the back of this paper):

  1. In what state was each of the three foresters born? Locate each state on a map of the U.S.
  2. List three questions not asked by the interviewer that you believe would provide relevant information about the early history of forestry.
  3. What are two similarities between the experiences of the three foresters? What are two differences?
  4. Look up the definition of the word pioneer. Would you consider these 3 men pioneers? Provide evidence to support your opinion.
  5. What conclusions can you draw based on your reading of these oral histories?