Assessment 3: In Your Own Words

Write an essay analyzing how the government acts to meet the needs and wants of its citizens.

The Government Lends a Helping Hand

Use the notes below to help you write a cohesive essay.

First Paragraph: Take a stance.

Do you believe the government should have interceded to protect American forests or would it have been better for private citizens to manage the problem without any help from elected officials? Provide at least 2 reasons for your choice.

Body: Provide evidence to support your argument.

Why did the government feel it was necessary to establish national forests? What specific actions did the government take to accomplish this goal? If you were a farmer in search of land during the late 19th century how would you have felt about the government’s decision to protect millions of acres of forested land? How would you have reacted if you supported the Progressive movement at the beginning of the 20th century? Speculate as to what you believe would have happened to American forests if the government had decided not to act.

Last Paragraph: Conclusion

Restate your stance. Summarize your proof. State the long-term consequences of your argument on society.