Worksheet 3: Drawing a Point of View

Directions: Part I. Each of the words and phrases in the first column below are somehow connected to one of the illustrations on “Cartoons.” Choose the cartoon number you believe best reflects the word or phrase and provide an explanation defending your opinion. Use the completed example as a guide.

Words and phrases illustrated in the cartoon Cartoon Number Explanation
Uncertain future 3 The train carrying the world food delivery systems up the “mountain” of human population seems uncertain it will make it to the top – symbolizing the possibility there won’t be enough food to feed the people of the world in the future.
Uncertain future
American culture
“1994” and
“over 5 billion”

Part II.

1. Provide an alternate title for each of the cartoons. Explain the reasoning behind your titles.

2. In your class discussion about political cartoons you learned that artists often use symbols to convey messages or to express a point of view. Provide an example of symbolism used by the artist in each of the cartoons. Make sure to explain what the symbol represents.

3. Use the back of this page or a separate piece of paper to draw your own cartoon about one of the following topics: American wood consumption; paper recycling; wood harvesting in the United States. Make sure your cartoon includes a title, short caption explaining its message, and one example of symbolism. Note that the topics for your cartoon are broad – it’s up to you to decide your own point of view. Use the essay and class discussions to provide the factual basis for your cartoon.