Worksheet 2: Essay Analysis

Read the essay “Living in a Global Forest” to answer the questions below.

  1. List and explain three factors that place strain on forests worldwide.
  2. How did the Earth Summit of 1992, and in particular the Forest Principles, propose to better the welfare of the global forest?
  3. Describe the current consumption of wood in the United States. How does this rate of consumption contribute to the ecological footprint of the United States? Make sure to explain your answer.
  4. How can globalization play a role in environmental problems? How can globalization play a role in environmental solutions?
  5. How can individual choices and intelligent consumption impact the future of forests and the environment around the globe? Make sure to provide at least two examples to support your answer.
  6. Name two trends illustrated in the bar graph from the essay. Provide two possible reasons for each of the trends you listed.