Object Cards

Card #1

*Instant hot chocolate

Contains thickening and preserving agent cellulose or methylcellulose, the building block of wood.

Forbidden words: drink, marshmallows, winter


Papers (tissues, paper towels, newspaper, etc.) are made from wood pulp, which often come from branches of large trees or stumps of smaller trees.

Forbidden words: nose, blow, cold


Glue and adhesives can be made from hard resins or gums, which are found in the sap of some trees.

Forbidden words: sticky, white, Elmer’s


Card #2

*Spearmint Chewing Gum

Artificial flavoring for gum such as spearmint comes from terpenes (a group of pine derivatives).

Forbidden words: bubbles, chew, crack

*Soft drinks

Some citrus drinks contain esters, a tree derivative used to enhance the flavor of soda. Sports drinks and orange-flavored soda often contain wood resin and liquid terpenes from the stumps of pine trees.

Forbidden words: soda, Coke, carbonated


Many soaps and detergents are made from fatty acids derived from wood. Some gums that are found in the sap of trees contain antiseptic qualities and are therefore used to make soap.

Forbidden words: clean, shower or bath, dirt


Card #3


Lotions that contain Vitamins A and E, often come from wood extracts that are formed during the process of making paper.

Forbidden words: dry, moisturize, scented


Carnauba wax, a resin produced by the leaves of the carnauba tree, gives crayons a waxy component.

Forbidden words: Crayola, color, draw


Terpene, a wood derivative, often is used to add to the spearmint or peppermint flavors of toothpaste. Cellulose also can be found in some toothpastes.

Forbidden words: teeth, toothbrush, clean


Card #4

*Liquid Cleaners

Pine stumps contain resins and terpenes used in making many lemon-scented liquid cleaners.

Forbidden words: clean, polish, Pledge


Many cooking spices come from trees. Cinnamon comes from the bark of laurel trees.

Forbidden: spice, French toast, gum

*Maple syrup

A sweet syrup that comes from the sap of the sugar maple.

Forbidden words: French toast and pancakes, breakfast, sap

Card #5

*Hair spray

Hair spray, and many other adhesives, often come from tree resins, or sticky substances that harden when exposed to air.

Forbidden words: hold, sticky, stiff

*Sandwich bag

Cellophane (the material used for sandwich bags) comes from wood during the pulping process used to make paper.

Forbidden words: snacks, plastic, Ziploc


The bark of the willow tree provides ingredients for aspirin. The bark of other trees also contributes to some cancer-fighting drugs.

Forbidden words: swallow, pills, white