Worksheet 5: It Comes From a Tree


Use the objects in your box and “object cards” distributed by your teacher to complete the chart below. In the column labeled “Descriptive words or phrases,” make sure to describe each object without using any of the three forbidden words on the “object card.” Once your group has completed this worksheet, you will use this information to play a game to help teach your classmates more about forest products.

The Game

When instructed by your teacher, go to the front of the classroom. Without saying the name (or any portion of the name) of the first object from your chart or showing it to the class, first describe its connection to the forest. Once given the signal by your teacher you will have 30 seconds to describe the object to your classmates. The purpose of the game is to have the class guess the name of the object as quickly as possible. If you say the name of the item, show it to the class, or use any of the forbidden words, you will receive 0 points. A correct guess by the class within 10 seconds earns 3 points, 20 seconds earns 2 points, and 30 seconds earns 1 point. Repeat the above instructions with the second and third objects as well.

Name of Object Connection to Forest Descriptive Words or Phrases