Worksheet 1: Keywords

Read the essay to complete the puzzle below.


1. Considered the basic building block of wood.

3. The __________ drastically changed the perception of time, space, and distance in America.

6. The Industrial ______ was a period in American history marked by rapid industrialization, vast technological improvements and increased urbanization.

8. A framework consisting of vertical, slanted supports and horizontal crosspieces supporting a bridge.

11. __________ products come from the renewable resource of trees.

12. Amount of goods that people are ready to buy for a given price.

13. A beam or rod, typically made of wood, that supports and connects the rails of a railroad track.

14. Amount of goods available for meeting a demand or for purchase at a given price.


2. Until the growth of railroads after the Civil War, _______ transported most people and goods in the U.S.

4. _________ wire helped shape life in the American West greatly reducing the number of trees used for wooden fence posts.

5. A cone-bearing tree, often evergreen.

7. New ________, most specifically the chemical treatment of crossties, helped reduce the amount of wood used by American railroads.

9. Sticky material found in many trees and plants that hardens when exposed to air.

10. An organic compound derived from the essential oils of plants and trees.


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