Assessment 3: In Your Own Words

Write an essay analyzing how prehistoric people living in the Americas managed their physical surroundings.

Managing the Forest

Use the notes below to help you write a cohesive essay.

Paragraph 1: Take a stance.

Do you believe the prehistoric people living in America consciously impacted their physical surroundings or would you contend that early Native Americans utilized the environment without making any great alterations to the land?

Body: Provide evidence to support your argument.

Describe how artifacts and eyewitness accounts provide insight regarding Native American land practices. Use each of the categories listed below to support your stance taken in Paragraph 1.

  1. Fire
  2. Descriptions of forests by European explorers
  3. Descriptions of Native American land practices by European explorers and settlers
  4. Description of American forests by 19th century poets and citizens
  5. Native American artifacts (choose one)

Last Paragraph: Conclusion.

Restate your stance. Summarize your proof. State the long-term consequences of your argument on society.