Assessment 1: Application and Integration

By now you know that artifacts help those concerned with interpreting the past understand how prehistoric people lived. This activity will give you and your group members a chance to apply what you have learned regarding the tools historians and other social scientists use when trying to piece together the mysteries of the past.

Part I. (Past)

Answer the following questions:

Name and describe two artifacts used by prehistoric people living in North America.
How were each of the artifacts used by Native Americans?
What do each of the artifacts suggest about Native American land practices?
What can each artifact reveal about the culture of the people who made and used such objects?

Part II. (Future)

The year is 2500. You and your colleagues have just discovered a box with 5 artifacts dating from the year 2002. Your job is as follows:

Identify each artifact (name and physical description).
Explain how people living in the United States in the 21st century used each artifact. In other words, why were the objects made? (If an object has more than one use, make sure to list and explain all possibilities).
What does each artifact reveal about the culture?
What does each artifact suggest about the relationship between 21st century Americans and the environment?

Part III. (Present)

Make a 5-10 minute oral presentation describing the answers your group devised for the questions to Part I. and Part II. Make sure to provide evidence to support your conclusions.