American Society for Environmental History

Together the American Society of Environmental History and the Forest History Society publish the journal Environmental History.

Environmental History is the world’s leading scholarly journal in environmental history and the journal of record in the field. Published four times a year by Oxford University Press. The journal brings together scholars and practitioners from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences to explore the changing relationships between humans and the environment over time.

ASEH & FHS also offer a Joint Membership to those interested in supporting both organizations. The Joint Membership allows you to join both organizations at a discounted rate. Both ASEH and FHS share a common mission of promoting scholarship in history and advancing a greater understanding of the history of human interactions with the natural world. These actives are promoted through their co-published journal Environmental History.

As a Joint Member of ASEH and FHS your membership supports the work of both organizations and their efforts to preserve, collect, and share forest, conservation, and environmental history with present and future generations.