34th Biennial Forest History Film Festival

By James Lewis on April 1, 2013

This evening at 7 p.m. begins the 34th biennial Forest History Film Festival, brought to you by Axe Pine-scented Body Spray: “When you spend the day sitting in an office but want to be outdoors, why not smell like the outdoors?” Axe Pine-scented Body Spray is the official pine-scented body spray of the Forest History Film Festival.

Below you will find posters of this year’s films in order of screening. We have a wonderful mix of comedy, drama, and horror films, including one that premiered this past weekend in theaters across the country. All films will be shown in the Gifford Pinchot Multimedia Theater at Peeling Back the Bark World Headquarters. What will be this year’s prize-winning film? Be sure to take our poll at the bottom of the post to decide who takes home the coveted Poisson d’Avril Award given to the most outstanding film of the festival!

Arbor Day movie poster.

When A Stranger Calls

Pinchot Doodle Dandy movie musical.

Pines movie poster.

Ferdinand Silcox Vampire Hunter

Chuck Norris is... Forest Warrior

Timberland Terror movie poster

Pinchot Out West

Place Beyond the Pines

Monster In Law Olmsted

Ballinger Affair movie

Weekend At Bernie Fernow's

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