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The Greatest Good: A Forest Service Centennial Film


3-Disc Set

Disc 1 – Feature Film (124 minutes)
Disc 2 – Bonus Material (161 minutes)
Disc 3 – Bonus Material (152 minutes)

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From the timbered shores of the Pacific Northwest to the marble halls of Washington, DC, the choices about how we use our natural heritage are filled with controversy. Whether it is the protection of endangered species or meeting the needs of a growing public, the fate of public lands is constantly challenged. The journey from the “wise use” of resources to the idea of a “land ethic” has defined the evolution of the Forest Service.

National organizations, renowned historians, political activists, and major corporations are brought together to share their perspectives on one hundred years of conservation and the prospects for the future.

In a breathtaking high-definition documentary, The Greatest Good takes the audience on a journey as compelling as it is uniquely American.

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