This concludes the history of the Flathead National Forest as I have known it or have been able to determine from other sources.

All known sources were tapped for information. Oldtimers were contacted in person or by letter in order to obtain the most accurate and complete historical record. Undoubtedly, many interesting events have been lost.

It has been suggested that the Forest now keep a current historical file of each year's events. Then, periodically every 5 or 10 years, the file should be edited and incorporated into a permanent Forest record.

As an example, the "Flood of 1964" is an important chapter in the history of the Flathead Forest. Facts, such as heights of crests, newspaper clippings, cubic-feet seconds of stream flow, pictures, enumeration of specific damage, and human interest stories, should be recorded now for future reference. The accelerated Public Works Program accomplishments on the Flathead is another interesting chapter in the Forest's history.