Table of Contents


General Information

Object of the Forest Reserves
Utilization of the Reserves

Agricultural Settlement
Prospecting and Mining in Forest Reserves
Building of Roads and Trails
Rights of Way for Irrigation Ditches, Canals, Pipe Lines, and Reservoirs
Railways, Telegraph and Telephone Lines
Sites for Schools and Churches in Reserves
Hotels, Road Ranches, Stores, and Other Business Enterprises in Forest Reserves
Sanitariums and Hotels at Mineral, Medicinal, or Other Springs
Travel In and Across the Reserves
Grazing in Forest Reserves
Free Use of Timber and Stone

Sale of Timber in Forest Reserves

How the Timber May Be Purchased
Special Considerations
Relinquishment of Claims

Restrictions and Penalties

Fires in Forest Reserves
Penalties for the Violation of the Forest Reserve Laws
Ordinary Timber Trespass
Trespass by Grazing
Unlawful Inclosure
Settlement in Forest Reserves
Miscellaneous Trespass
Duties of Forest Officers
Protective Duty

1. Preventing and Fighting Fires
2. Guarding Against Trespass
3. Care and Propagation of the Forest
Instructions in Cases of Sales and Also in Cases of “Free Use” of Timber in Forest Reserves
Description and Estimate
Estimate Sheet
Handling and Applications
Case of Dead Timber
Public Timber Sale — Application
Estimate, Description, and Report
Marking and Cutting
Special Instructions in Timber Surveying and Scaling
Districts and Divisions
4. Special Work
5. Permanent Improvements
6. Protection of Game


Rangers’ Reports
Reports of Supervisors
A. Monthly Reports
B. Special Reports
Records of Supervisors
Maps of Reserve
Report on Service of Field Force, Rangers, and Other Help
Report on Fire
Report on the Free Use of Timber
Report on Application for “Free Use of Timber”
Report on Scaling and Cutting of Timber
Report on Miscellaneous Work
Report on Plantations of Trees
Report on Grazing
Plan of Work for Coming Month
Report on Grazing of Sheep
Report on Agricultural Claim, Settlement, or Cattle and Sheep Ranch
Form of Application for Special Privileges
Form of Report Upon the Privilege of “Road Ranch,” Public Stopping Place, Hotel, Store, etc.
Report on Sawmills
General Report on Lands in Forest Reserve
Report on Right of Way of Wagon Roads, Railroads, Canals, Ditches, Reservoirs, Telephone and Telegraph Lines
Report on Unlawful Fencing
Report on Mining Claims
Report on Trespass
Report of Timber Trespass
Contract for Special Privileges
Contract for Sawmill Privilege
Application for Sheep-Grazing Privilege
Application for Cattle and Horse Grazing Privilege
Sheep Grazing Permit
Official Standing and Duties of Forest Officers

Inspector of Forest Reserves
Rules Governing the Appointment, Duties, and Standing of Head Rangers in Forest Services

Grades, Applications, Qualifications, Privileges, and Duties of Ordinary Forest Rangers

Letter from W. A. Richards, Commissioner