Canada’s Forest History

The Forest History Society (FHS) is an international organization with an emphasis in the Americas. For over three decades FHS has helped to preserve forest, conservation, and environmental history in Canada.

These efforts occur across our program areas in Library and Archives, Research and Publication, and Education and Outreach. Because environmental history is oftentimes common across borders, this supports and demands an international perspective.

Special Canadian Archives Project

FHS has just completed the first phase of a project with the Network in Canadian History and the Environment/ Nouvelle initiative Canadienne en histoire de l' environnement (NiCHE) and the Canadian Forest Service to preserve and make accessible for research a greater quantity of Canadian historical material than ever before. For more information.

This page acts as a portal to the many Canadian resources and activities of the Forest History Society. The FHS staff have helped many forest history collections safely reach official repositories in Canada. We have published consistently on Canadian forest history and continue to seek articles, books, and other information to publish. We also hope in the near future to open an office in Canada.

We invite you to assist us in our mission to preserve forest, conservation, and environmental history for the purpose of providing a historical context for environmental decision making now and in the future. Please contact us immediately if you know of a collection of Canadian forest history materials at risk of being lost.


FHS & Canada Fact Sheet

  • FHS has published around 100 articles about Canada in its various journals and magazines and 8 full-length books with Canadian content.
  • FHS receives 10 Canadian journals and houses small collections of other Canadian publications from 1900–1930 in its Library and Archives.
  • FHS has conducted 19 oral history interviews dealing with Canadian topics and supported a project that compared the history of logging technology in eastern Canada and the southeastern U.S.
  • Through its affiliation with Duke University, all contributions to FHS are tax deductible to individuals and corporations, according to Revenue Canada.