Worksheet 3: Create a Tree Survey

  1. Measure the girth (circumference) of the first tree at 4.5 feet from the ground. Record in inches.
  2. Note any evidence of human interactions on the shape or condition of the tree.
  3. List the value of the tree to the school--economic, aesthetic, and ecological.
  4. Locate next tree on the map and repeat steps 1-3.

Sample Survey Key

Tree Species Girth Human Interactions Value to School
11 20" planted, pruned, mulched Planted for ornament. Winter birds roost in branches, Kindergarten hangs handmade bird feeders upon it.
12 11" soil compaction Provides needed shade in playground around roots.
13 30 barbed wire buried in bark, lawn mower scars at base History embedded in tree.

Blank Tree Survey Form

Sample Tree Key

Use succinct adjectives to communicate the most important features of the tree. Remember, you are conducting a social study. Your goal is to describe the value of the tree to humans. The science class can classify them.

Tree Description
B1 Tall, young, spindly oak, not very attractive but may be in future.
B2 Magnificent, ancient oak, probably planted by the first family to build a home on this site.
B3-B7 A young pine forest, great place to play in the pine needles.
B8 Provides shade to the music room.
B9 Has a broken limb that could fall on playground.
B10 Mostly dead. Covered with cool fungus, has large hole about 15 feet off ground.

Blank Tree Key Form