1. List three differences between an average American home built in 1950 with one built in 2000.
  2. Compare and contrast how developing and developed countries impact the global forest.
  3. Describe how the United States has attempted to combat environmental problems like deforestation.
  4. From which country does the United States import the most wood? What three countries export the most wood to the United States?
  5. What are some of the potential benefits of sustainable management? What are some of the potential limitations of sustainable management?
  6. How can high levels of consumption (by both nations and individuals) contribute to the strain placed on the global forest?
  7. Describe how American wood consumption compares with the rest of the world.
  8. How can forestland set-asides help contribute to solving the problem of deforestation? How can forestland set-asides hinder efforts to fight deforestation?
  9. Explain the link between American culture and consumption.