Assessment 1: Application and Integration

More than a walk in the woods
Questions for a Field Trip to a Forest

1. When was the last time this forest was cleared? (How tall are the trees? How big is the diameter of the tree trunks?)

2. Is the stand of trees even-aged or variable? (Are trees a mixture of tall and short trees, fat and skinny trunks?)

3. Are there any contours in the forest floor that indicate the past use of the land? (Logging roads leave skid marks. Row crops leave furrows.)

4. Are there any scars on the trees that indicate a forest product was harvested? (maple sap for syrup, pine sap for turpentine)

5. Are there any rare or endangered species in your region present in the forest? (A call to your local conservation agency would be able to tell you how to look for them.)

6. Who is managing the forest and for what purpose?