Worksheet 4: Debating History


You have been asked to enter the debate raging among historians regarding Native Americans and their relationship with the environment. Using only the 5 eyewitness accounts from the preceding page your assignment is to prove the following statement:

The Prehistoric people living in North America purposely altered their physical surroundings to better suit their needs.

Part I

Each of the eyewitness accounts includes one or several pieces of evidence that will help you prove the above declaration. As a group re-read the eyewitness accounts and then decide how each statement might help your case. Record your conclusions on the chart below.

Eyewitness #1 Evidence:
Eyewitness #2 Evidence:
Eyewitness #3 Evidence:
Eyewitness #4 Evidence:
Eyewitness #5

(* Although it may not be obvious this account can help your case.)