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Inventory of the Rudolph Wendelin Papers, 1930 - 2005

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Descriptive Summary

Abstract: Rudolph "Rudy" Andreas Michael Wendelin (1910-2000) is best known as the artist behind the United States Forest Service mascot and spokesman "Smokey Bear."
The collection comprises the personal papers and artwork of Rudolph "Rudy" Wendelin, dating from the 1930s to 2005 and consisting of: correspondence, publicity materials, published articles, awards, photographs, drawings, cartoons, books, ephemera, sculptures made of wax, clay, or plaster, and sculpture molds. The collection documents Rudy Wendelin's work as an artist who spent the majority of his career designing for the United States Forest Service and who was primarily responsible for creating the image of Smokey Bear that became widely recognized during the latter half of the 20th century. Wendelin's designs for several conservation-themed U.S. postage stamps are also well represented, as is his work for other publications and organizations, particularly after retirement.
Title: Rudolph Wendelin Papers, 1930 - 2005
Creator: Wendelin, Rudolph.
Repository: Forest History Society Library and Archives
Call Number: 2007-001
Language of Material: Material in English
Extent: 34 linear feet
(26 archival boxes, 2 oversize boxes)

Biographical Note

Rudolph "Rudy" Andreas Michael Wendelin (1910-2000) is best known as the artist behind the United States Forest Service mascot and spokesman "Smokey Bear."

After his childhood in Ludell, Kansas, Wendelin was a student at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and at art schools in Milwaukee and Washington, D.C. He began his Forest Service career in 1933 in Milwaukee as a draftsman and illustrator, then transferred to the Washington office in 1937. Returning to the Forest Service after a stint as a Navy artist during World War II, Wendelin was given responsibility for the Smokey Bear project and proceeded to create hundreds of Smokey representations that highlighted natural resources conservation and forest fire prevention.

Under Wendelin's direction, Smokey assumed the more humanesque form by which he is best known - wearing a solemn expression, ranger's hat and jeans, and carrying a shovel. Wendelin continued his association with Smokey after retiring from the Forest Service in 1973, producing numerous calendar and book illustrations. Smokey's immense popularity is apparent through the many awards Wendelin received for his work, including the Medal of Honor presented by the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Horace Hart Award from the graphic arts industry, and both Silver and Gold Smokey Bear Awards from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Wendelin is also known as a creative painter of landscapes, a sculptor, political cartoonist, and the artist behind the Forest Service's 1948 watershed protection film "The Adventures of Junior Raindrop." He designed or co-designed six commemorative U.S. postage stamps, including the Forest Conservation stamp in 1958, the 1964 John Muir stamp, the 1969 John Wesley Powell stamp, and the 1984 stamp featuring Smokey Bear.

Note: The above biographical information about Rudolph Wendelin was drawn from the following sources: (1) "Rudolph Wendelin Dies at Age 90; Artist for 'Smokey'" by Richard Pearson, Washington Post, September 3, 2000, (2) "Rudolph Wendelin, Designer of the 1964 John Muir Commemorative Postage Stamp," part of the Sierra Club's online John Muir Exhibit, John Muir Education Project by Harold Wood (accessed 17 July 2007).

Collection Overview

Collection comprises the personal papers and artwork of Rudolph "Rudy" Wendelin, dating from the 1930s to 2005 and consisting of: correspondence, publicity materials, published articles, awards, photographs, drawings, cartoons, books, ephemera, sculptures made of wax, clay, or plaster, and sculpture molds. The collection documents Rudy Wendelin's work as an artist who spent the majority of his career designing for the United States Forest Service and who was primarily responsible for creating the image of Smokey Bear that became widely recognized during the latter half of the 20th century. Wendelin's designs for several conservation themed U.S. postage stamps are also well represented, as is his work for other publications and organizations, particularly after retirement.

Collection Arrangement

1. Artwork, Animation, Sketches, Photographs, Awards, and Related Materials, 1948-2001.

2. Forest Service Files of Rudolph Wendelin, 1930s-1990s.

3. Rudolph Wendelin Stamp Files, 1958-1984.

4. Smokey Bear Files of Rudolph Wendelin, 1950s-1999.

5. Sculpture by Rudolph Wendelin, 1952-1990s, and undated.

6. Oversize Artwork, 1952-1989.

Subject Headings

  • Advertising -- Forest fire prevention -- United States.
  • Drawing, American -- 20th century.
  • Forest fires -- Prevention and control.
  • Political cartoons.
  • Smokey Bear.
  • Smokey Bear -- Pictorial works.
  • Smokey Bear -- Sculpture.
  • United States. Forest Service
  • Wendelin, Rudolph.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Artwork, Animation, Sketches, Photographs, Awards, and Related Materials, 1948-2001.

Includes materials related to the Smokey Bear campaign, The Adventures of Junior Raindrop, and political cartoons created for a Northern Virginia newspaper, the Arlington Sun.
Box 1
Smokey Bear
   Folder 1
Campaign Materials (Smokey Bear), 1948-1981
Includes materials from the following years: 1948, 1950, 1952, 1953 1954, 1955, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1980, and 1981.
   Folder 2
Region 9-Christmas Greeting
   Folder 3
Smokey Bear Ephemera, 1980s and 90s
   Folder 4
Smokey Cub at Zoo with Lyle Watts (Newspaper Clipping)
   Folder 5
Smokey Bear Manuals
   Folder 6
Smokey Bear Transparencies
   Folder 7
Smokey Bear Litter Bag
   Folder 8
Box 1
Forest Service Chief Portraits, Awards, and Other Materials
   Folder 9
Original portraits of FS Chiefs
   Folder 10
Photographs of Original Portraits of Forest Service Chiefs
   Folder 11
Political cartoon: Byrd Report, 1936
   Folder 12
Awards to Rudulph Wendelin
Horace Hart Award, 1969
Honorary and Lifetime Membership Washington Society of Landscape Painters, 1995
Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department Participants Award, 1998
Honorary Life Member Hotfoot Teddy Collectors Association
Trees for Israel
Certificate of Merit GIECO Public Service Award, 1992
Membership Society of Federal Artists and Designers
Award for Excellence Society of Federal Artist and Designers, 1961
Citation Outstanding Achievement in Wildfire Prevention, 1993 and 1994
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Completion of 39 Years of Service, 1973
Appreciation 40 Years of Dedicated Service, 1973
USDA Superior Service, 1970
Silver Smokey, 1969
USDA Superior Service, 1960
USDA Superior Service, 1957
State of KA Resolution Smokey Bear Day, August 9, 1994
Department of Natural Resources "Admiral" KT, 1968
Arlington County, Virginia, Resolution, 1994
Box 2
Smokey Bear
   Folder 13-15
Autograph Requests, 1990s
People Magazine, August 22, 1994, p. 103
Southwest Art Magazine, August 1994, p. 93
   Folder 16
Letters from Children
Milford Magazine, August 2001, Memoriam to Rudolph Wendelin
Box 3
The Adventures of Junior Raindrop
   Folder 17-18
Animation Cells
   Folder 19
Includes small storyboard pencil sketches.
   Folder 20-21
Original Sketches

Sketch from The Adventures of Junior Raindrop, drawn by Rudy Wendelin, circa 1948.

   Folder 22
Background Painting: Watercolor Illustration Board of Dry Gulch
   Folder 23
Copyright Drawings
   Folder 24
Copyright Papers
   Folder 25
Still Photographs and Negative
   Folder 26
Article in the Washington Star Pictorial Magazine, May 21, 1950
   Folder 27
Venice Biennial Certificate, Diploma of Participation, 1949
Box 4
Political Cartoons, 1978-1980
Box 5
Political Cartoons, 1981-1984
Box 6
Political Cartoons, undated

2. Forest Service Files of Rudolph Wendelin, 1930s-1990s.

Subject files are arranged alphabetically.

Includes correspondence, awards, publications, illustrations, and other materials.
Box 7
Advertising Images (resource materials)
Alaska Trip, 1972
Alaska: Photographs
American Forestry Association (AFA) Conference, 1972
Rudolph Wendelin and Bill Bergoffen Stage design layout
American Forests Magazine, 1953: "The Whole Story" by R.W. Sawyer
American Forests Magazine, 1966: "You Can be a Conservationist," illustrated by Rudolph Wendelin)
Young man modeled after son, David Wendelin
American Forests Magazine, 1969: Cartoon illustration by RW
American Forests Magazine, 1970: "Trees and People," illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin, p. 43 (1/2 page cut out of magazine)
American Forests Magazine, 1976: Living Legacies Flyer, Trees planted by George Washington at Mount Vernon in 1785
American Forest: Global Releaf
American Junior Red Cross News: April, May, October, and November 1953, illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin on back page of each magazine
Animals (resource materials)
Anniversary, Forest Service, 50th, 1955 (photograph of poster by Rudolph Wendelin)
Anniversary, Forest Service, 75th, 1980 (Rudolph Wendelin information on painting made for this)
Apollo Mission XIV, 1970: Medallion Design by Rudolph Wendelin (copy of original bronze medallion retained by family)
Arbor Day-Clippings, 1957 and 1961
Audubon (poor quality copies of illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin, no date)
Award: USDA 10 years
Award: 1942 "Salvage for Victory" poster contest
Award: 1957 Superior Service
Award: 1958 Certificate of Participation Theodore Roosevelt Association
Award: 1959 Certificate of Merit
Award: 1960 Post Office (Photograph with award and Postmaster General in Photograph Notebook)
Award: 1960 and 1967 Society of Federal Artists and Designers
Award: 1969 Silver Smokey
Award: 1969 Horace Hart
Award: 1970 Superior Service
Award: 1973 Golden Smokey
Award: 1983 Rudolph Wendelin Day, Wisconsin
Award: 1996 Cradle of Forestry Lifetime Achievement
Award: 1997 and 1998 Daughters of the American Revolution, Chapter Award and Medal of Honor
Award: 2005 Forest Service Centennial Congress
Awards: other than United States Forest Service
Honorary Fire Chief, Fairfax County, Virginia, 1995
Distinguished Service, Forest Service, 1994
Thank you from California, USDA Forest Service, 1988
Smokey's Special Friends, to Rudy and Carol, 1996
Honorary Member, Ballston, Virginia, Volunteer Fire Department, 1995
Awards Designed/Executed by Rudolph Wendelin
Box 7
Birds (resource materials)
Booklets, Forest Service (no art by Rudolph Wendelin)
Boy Scouts of American, Forest Service, USDA, Soil Conservation
Paul Bunyan, circa 1933: 36 original sketches and flyers from Region 9
Box 7
Camping (resource materials)
Cards, 1936: Forest Service Girls Club
Cartoons: poor copies of Forest Service related cartoons by Rudolph Wendelin
Centennial Mini-Histories of the Forest Service
Certificate, George Washington University National Engineering Defense Training, 1942
Chatahoochee National Forest, 50th Anniversary, 1986
Christmas Cards
Civilian Conservation Corp, 1930s
Civilian Conservation Corp, 50th Anniversary, 1983
Civilian Conservation Corp, 50th Anniversary, Rudolph Wendelin and Carrol Wendelin Trip, 1983
Clippings: Miscellaneous
Correspondence, undated
Correspondence, 1930s
Correspondence, 1940s
Correspondence, 1950
Correspondence, 1951-1957
Correspondence, 1958 (Designer of Forest Conservation Stamp, 1958)
Correspondence, 1959
Correspondence, 1960 (Co-designer World Forestry Congress Stamp, 1960)
Correspondence, 1961 (Designer of Range Conservation Stamp, 1961)
Correspondence, 1962
Correspondence, 1963
Correspondence, 1964 (Designer of John Muir Stamp, 1964, and bust of John Muir)
Correspondence, 1965
Correspondence, 1966
Correspondence, 1967
Correspondence, 1968
Correspondence, 1969 (Designer of John Wesley Powell Stamp-1969)
Correspondence, 1960s-1970s
Includes materials related to John Muir, found in Rudolph Wendelin's copy of The Wilderness World of John Muir, edited by Edwin Way Teale, 1954, as well as a small original sketch of Muir.
Correspondence, 1970
Correspondence, 1971
Correspondence, 1972
Correspondence, 1973 (Retired from the Forest Service, June)
Correspondence, 1970s
Correspondence, 1980s (Designer of Smokey Bear Stamp, 1984)
Correspondence, 1985
Correspondence, 1990s
Box 7
DAR: Trash Bag (possibly designed by Rudolph Wendelin)
Deer (resource materials)
Directory: Forest Service, 1942
Duck Stamp Judge, 1977 and 1978
Box 7
Earth Day, 1990
Engineering, 1938
Environmental Education
Exhibit: Forests Help Defend America, circa 1952-1953
Exhibit: AFA, 1984
Exhibit: AFA, 1986
Exhibit: Retrospective at Grey Towers, 1984
Exhibit: Society of American Foresters, 1990
Box 7
Farming (resource materials)
Flyers: Forest Service events
Flyers: Information Digest, Christmas Greetings, 1952-1971
Forest and the Flame in the Bible, 1962
Forest Anecdotes, 1936 (Original ink drawings)
Forest Fires (Articles)
Box 8
F (continued)
Forest Fire Fighters Memorial Sculpture, 1989 (Designed by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Fire Medallion, circa 1945-1935 (Designed by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Fires..., circa WWII paper stickers
Forest Fires (resource materials)
Forest Service Chiefs
Forest Service: "A Community Forest" (original pencil and ink sketch layout)
Forest Service Golf Association, 1939-1940 (Cartoons by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Service History Center, 1996
Forest Service Invoices for Art Supplies
Forest Service: Miscellaneous
Forest Service Personnel (Resource photographs for retirement art by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Service Photographs, USDA F Street Building (photos of Wendelin and others at work in the drafting office, 1930s-1940s)
Forest Service Policy, 1974
Forest Service Publications, 1933-1936 (Artwork by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Service Publications, 1937-1939
Forest Service Publications, 1941-1942
Forest Service Publications, 1940's and 1950's (Artwork by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Service Publications, 1955
Forest Service Publications, 1960's and undated (Artwork by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Service Publications (not positive if artwork done by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Service-Region 9: Christmas Cards
Forest Service-Region 9, 1934 and 1935: Flyers, Newsletters, Pamphlets by Rudolph Wendelin
Forest Service-Region 9: Illustrations for Publications, Announcements by Rudolph Wendelin
Forest Service-Region 9: Miscellaneous Materials
Forest Service-Region 9: Bulletin, 1934: Volume 6, No. 5-12
Forest Service-Region 9: Bulletin, 1935: Volume 7: No. 1, 3-8
Forest Service-Region 9: Miscellaneous Illustration, Cartoons, 1933-1936
Forest Service-Region 9: Publications, Covers/Illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin, 1934-1936
Forest Service-Region 9: Bulletin, 1936: Volume 8: No. 2, 3, 5, 6, 8
Forest Service-Region 9: Handbook Covers by Rudolph Wendelin
Forest Service-Region 9: 1936 North Woods Diorama, Forest Conservation Project (Photographs and negative)
Forest Service Retiree Club, 1977 (cover by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Service Safety Flyers by Rudolph Wendelin, 1934 and 1973
Forest Service Symbols (working sketches)
Forest Service Telephone Handbook, 1937
Wendelin was employed under Engineering and contributed to illustration
Forest Service-USDA, 1962: Chief, Deputy Chiefs, Directors
Forest Service: United States Constitution Bicentennial Celebration, 1987 (commissioned painting by Rudolph Wendelin)
Forest Service Watercolor Trip, 1963: Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado
Forest Service Watercolor Trip, 1971: National Forests in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado
Forest Service Watercolor trip, 1987: Mark Twain and Clark National Forest, Missouri
Forest Service Watercolor trip, 1990: Grey Towers, Pennsylvania
Forest Service Watercolor trip, 1992: Superior National Forest-Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota
Forest Service Watercolors, 1997: Inventory of Rudolph Wendelin Paintings
Box 8
Grey Towers General Information
Grey Towers, 1986: Gifford Pinchot bust sculpture by Rudolph Wendelin
Grey Towers, 1984: Retrospective Exhibit
Box 9
History, Forest Service, 1969
History Line, Forest Service, 1980s and early 1990s
Humble Way, 1966 (cover by Rudolph Wendelin)
Hydroelectric Power (resource materials)
Box 9
Information Digest, 1972-1974
Information and Education (I & E)
Invoices, 1980s and 1990s
In Your Service, 1955
Box 9
Job List of Forest Service Activities, 1963
Journal of Forestry: Correspondence, reprints
Journal of Forestry: Covers and Illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin, 1963, 1976, 1977, 1978, and 1979
Journal of Forestry, 1966, 1979, 1980, and 1981
Box 9
Lassie Forest Rangers, circa 1965
Litterbug Poster, 1963 (National Park Service and United States Department of Agriculture)
Logging (resource materials)
Box 9
McKaye, Benton
Men of Engineering in Military Service
Miscellaneous: Friends of Rudolph Wendelin
Miscellaneous: Illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin
Miscellaneous: Other
Box 9
"Nat Forest" Concept and Original Sketches
National Forests: The Story of Our...
Includes handwritten outline in Rudolph Wendelin's hand.
National Forests: America's Playground, 1961
National Forests: Brochures
National Forest: Centennial, 1991 Poster Competition (Rudolph Wendelin, Judge)
National Forest: Highlights, 1959 SW Region
National Forest Sign (original sketch)
National Forest System, 1991 Stamp Contest
National Geographic Magazine, 1955: "Our Green Treasury, the National Forests"
National Park Service (original sketches)
National Recreation Recreation Area, 1966 Logo Concepts
North American Fire Management Group, 1974 Symbol by Rudolph Wendelin
Box 9
Outdoor Scenes (resource materials)
Box 9
Painting, 1991: "Serving People since 1891" by Rudolph Wendelin (Gift to AFA from Forest Service)
Painting: Forest Reserves Act, 1891 (original watercolor sketch on matboard)
Performance Ratings, 1950 and 1970s
Peshtigo Forest Fire Disaster
Pisgah National Forest, 1952
Pig-Nicker, circa 1956 (original cartoon)
Pinchot, Gifford (bronze bust by Rudolph Wendelin)
Bronze bust by Rudolph Wendelin
Planned Pattern Harvest
Policy Alternatives for Non Industrial Private Forest, 1977 (cover by Rudolph Wendelin)
Pyne, Stephen, 1982-1984
Publications about Rudolph Wendelin, 1968 and 1972
Box 2
Ranching (resource materials)
Ranger Rick
Recognition Day, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-Forest Service, 1987
Renewable Natural Resources Foundation, 1973
Retirement of Rudolph Wendelin, 1973
Retirement Pictures by Rudolph Wendelin
Box 9
Safety Calendar by Rudolph Wendelin, 1950
Scenes (resource materials)
Service Bulletin, 1940 (cover by Rudolph Wendelin)
Signs, 1960
Signs, Multiple Use, circa 1960
Signs and Posters, 1967-1968
Signs: Firefighters Symbols, 1969-1970
Sketches of People, by Rudolph Wendelin
Ski Scenes (resource materials)
Society of American Foresters (original sketch)
Society of American Foresters, 1977 and 1979
Society of Federal Artists and Designers
Soil Conservation
Spruce Knob, West Virginia: Visitor Center Design by Rudolph Wendelin, 1965 and 1975
Spunky Squirrel, 1980s
Staff Meeting, March 4, 1947
Symbol, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) (original sketch)
Symbols, 1969-1970
Symbols (original art)
Box 10
Timber Management (resource materials)
Timber Tips, Cartoons/Illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin
Tinker, E.W., 1936
Travel Vouchers, 1950s
Travel Vouchers, 1960s
Travel Vouchers, 1970s
Travel Vouchers, 1980s
Trees (resource materials)
Trees, Atlanta, 1988
Trees, Art Glass Mugs for AFA, 1986
Trees of the Forest, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-Forest Service, 1964
Trees (original sketches)
Trees, Teachers Guide, 1964
Box 10
United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association, 1960s
Box 10
Visitor Activity Program
Visuals (resource materials)
Box 10
Water Activities (resource materials)
Watershed Exhibit at Desert Museum, Arizona, 1958
Watts, Lloyd
Wilderness Idea, TV series, 1973
Wilderness Society, 1976
Wisconsin CCC, Correspondence
Wisconsin CCC, 1985-1986
Wisconsin State Fair, 1936
Includes original sketch of exhibit by Rudolph Wendelin.
Wood... Colors and Kinds, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-Forest Service, 1956
Woodsy Owl, 1974
Woodsy Owl, 1975
Woodsy Owl, 1977
Woodsy Owl, 1997
Woodsy Owl, Memorabilia
Workload Control Log, 1960
Box 10
Contributions in Region 9, 1984
Appreciation from Mid-Atlantic Forest Service, 1993
Support, Alexandria, Virginia Fire Department, 1995
State Forester's Award, KS, 1994
Box 10
Retirement Notebook

3. Rudolph Wendelin Stamp Files, 1958-1984.

Includes Rudy Wendelin's designs for several conservation-themed United States postage stamps.
Box 11
Stamps: Forest Conservation, Fifth World Forestry Congress, Range Conservation, John Muir, and Other Materials
Stamp Cachets by Rudolph Wendelin
Stamps: The West in Postage Stamps by E. and N. Bathke, 1973
Features four of Rudolph Wendelin's stamps: Forest, Range, Muir, and Powell.
Stamp Concept: 50th Anniversary of Forest Service by Rudolph Wendelin (never published)
Forest Conservation, 1958
Includes materials about stamp and designer.
Forest Conservation: American Forestry Association, 1958
Includes program, magazines and clippings.
Forest Conservation: Cancellation Stamp by Rudolph Wemdelin, 1958
Forest Conservation, 1958: First Day Cover
Forest Conservation, 1958: Clippings
Forest Conservation, 1958: Rudolph Wendelin Clippings
Forest Conservation, 1958: Correspondence
Forest Conservation, 1958: Original Color Studies and Tracing Paper Sketch)
Forest Conservation, 1958: Photographs of Printing the Stamp
Forest Conservation, 1958: Smokey and the stamp
Fifth World Forestry Congress, 1960: About Stamp/Designer
Fifth World Forestry Congress, 1960: Correspondence
Fifth World Forestry Congress, 1960: Program
Range Conservation, 1961: First Day Covers
Range Conservation, 1961: Clippings/News Release
Range Conservation, 1961: Correspondence
Range Conservation, 1961: Ideas, Concepts (original sketches)
Range Conservation, 1961: Photographs
Range Conservation, 1961: Program
Range Conservation, 1961: Publications
John Muir, 1964: American Forests Magazine, June, 1964, p. 46
John Muir, 1964: Bust
John Muir, 1964: Bust Reproductions, 2000
John Muir, 1964: Chronology of stamp, thoughts by Rudolph Wendelin
John Muir, 1964: Correspondence
John Muir, 1964: Dedication Ceremony, April 29, 1964
John Muir, 1964: Handwritten Biography (not in Rudolph Wendelin's hand)
John Muir, 1964: John Muir Locust Tree
John Muir, 1964: National Wildlife Magazine, Dec/Jan 1965, p. 22
John Muir, 1964: Research/Notes about Muir Compiled by Rudolph Wendelin
John Muir, 1964: Press Release/Clippings
John Muir, 1964: Publications
John Muir, 1964: Ranger Rick Magazine, p. 16
John Muir, 1964: Resource Photographs
John Muir, 1964: Resource Materials
John Muir, 1964: Clippings
John Muir, 1964: Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol. 10, No. 1, Jan. 1916
John Muir, 1964: S.P.A. Journal, Vol. 27, No.1, "The Muir Stamp Record," p. 67
John Muir, 1964: Stamp Sketches, Concepts (originals)
John Muir, 1964: Stamp Journal, Vol. V , 1970, p. 4
John Muir, 1964: Stamp Journal, Vol. V, 1970, p. 32
John Muir, 1964: Stamp Journal, Vol. X , 1975, p. 11
Features 2 stamps by Rudolph Wendelin.
John Muir, 1964: TV Interview/Rudolph Wendelin, "Across the Fence," May 14, 1964
John Muir, 1964: United State Department of Agriculture-Forest Service Releases, International Memos, Drafts
Stamp Concept, 1964: John F. Kennedy
Stamp Concepts, 1965: Smokey Bear, Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed (original sketches)
Box 12
Stamps: John Wesley Powell, Smokey Bear, Gifford Pinchot and Other Materials
J. W. Powell, 1969: American Forests Magazine, Sept. 1969 (cover by RW, original painting presented to Cosmos Club, November 1969)
J. W. Powell, 1969: Correspondence
J. W. Powell, 1969: First Day Covers
J. W. Powell, 1969: Information and Sketches of Paintings for Museum (originals)
J. W. Powell, 1969: Pencil Sketches (originals)
J. W. Powell, 1969: Photographs
J. W. Powell, 1969: Prints
J. W. Powell, 1969: Printed Information by Rudolph Wendelin; Accompanied Print/Stamp Cachet
J. W. Powell, 1969: Publications, Clippings
J. W. Powell, 1969: Clippings
J. W. Powell, 1969: Stamp Ceremony, Page, Arizona, August 1, 1969
J. W. Powell, 1969: Stamp Concepts (copies)
J. W. Powell, 1969: Stamp Journal, Vol. IV, 1969, p. 3 and Vol. V, 1970, p. 10-11
The Man Behind the Stamp: Rudolph Wendelin, 1971
Stamp Concept-Urban Forestry, 1981
Stamp: Stamp and Art (article)
Stamp: American Tree Stamps, 1978 (cover of program by Rudolph Wendelin and used as a cachet)
Smokey Bear, 1984: Cachet art
Smokey Bear, 1984: Contract: United States Postal Service and Rudolph Wendelin Correspondence, 1982
Smokey Bear, 1984: Correspondence
Smokey Bear, 1984: Clippings/News
Smokey Bear, 1984: Clippings
Smokey Bear, 1984: Design Concepts (original pencil sketches)
Smokey Bear, 1984: Stamp Ceremony, Capitan, New Mexico, August 13, 1984
Stamp-Postal Commemoratives for MBI, Inc.: Christmas 1986 (original color tracings, photos as study for image)
Stamp-Postal Commemoratives for MBI, Inc.: Executive Branch, 1989 (original watercolor sketch)
Stamp Concept: G. Pinchot by Rudolph Wendelin, 1965 (original pencil sketch)
Stamp Concept: G. Pinchot, 1995 (original sketches)
Stamp Concept: Our Animal Ancestry (original sketches)
Stamp Concept: Benjamin Banneker (originals)
Box 13
Notebooks: Photographs, Political Cartoons

4. Smokey Bear Files of Rudolph Wendelin, 1950s-1999.

Box 14
Ad Council
Ad: Pullman by Rudolph Wendelin, circa 1950s
A Day in the Forest with Smokey..., United States Department of Agriculture, by Barry Nehr, 1972
American Forests Magazine: "Only You..." by Clint Davis, 1951
Anniversay, 40th
Anniversay, 50th: California Poster Art by Rudolph Wendelin, 1991-1993
Anniversay, 50th: Clippings
Anniversay, 50th: Correspondence
Anniversay, 50th: Events
Anniversay, 50th: Fernbank Museum Exhibit
Anniversay, 50th: Happy Birthday... United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service
Anniversay, 50th: "Kit" Art by M. McConnell
Anniversay, 50th: Miscellaneous
Anniversay, 50th: Portland, Oregon
Anniversay, 50th: Poster by Rudolph Wendelin
Anniversay, 50th: Preview event, 1993
Anniversay, 50th: Speech by Rudolph Wendelin
Anniversay, 50th: Youth Involvement
Anniversay, 60th
Autograph Requests
Box 14
Be My Guest
Bill Bergoffen
Box 14
Calendar Art by Rudolph Wendelin (photographs)
California Department of Forestry, 1990
Campaign Materials, 1950s
Campaign Materials, 1960s
Campaign Materials, 1970s
Campaign Materials, 1980s
Campaign Materials, Undated
Capitan, New Mexico, Smokey Bear Museum, 1958
Capitan, New Mexico
Cartoons, Not by Rudolph Wendelin
Cartoons, by Rudolph Wendelin
Clip Art
Clippings, Official United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service Compilations, 1950s and 1960s
Clippings, 1950s
Clippings, 1960s
Clippings, 1970s
Clippings, 1980s
Clippings, 1990s
Coloring Sheets
Congressional Act, 1952
Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention, 1960s and 1970s
Correspondence: Children
Correspondence: Smokey
Box 14
Clint Davis
Box 14
Editorial Comments
Environment and Smokey
Evolution of Smokey Bear Image
Box 14
Fire and Smokey, not by Rudolph Wendelin
Fire Danger Sign
Fire Management
Fire Prevention Conference, 1995
Fire Prevention for the 1990s
Flyers by Rudolph Wendelin
Forest Fire Statistics, 1960s
Friends of Smokey, Capitan, New Mexico
Box 14
James Hansen
Mal Hardy
Hot Air Balloon
Hot Foot Teddy Collectors Association
Box 14
Ideal Toy Corporation, Smokey Bear Doll, 1953
Interviews with Rudolph Wendelin
Box 14
Japanese Balloon Bombs, 1976
Junior Forest Ranger Kit
Box 15
Lassie and Smokey, circa 1950s
William Clifford Lawter, Jr.: Smokey Bear 20252, Correspondence with Rudolph Wendelin
Licensed Products, Designed by Rudolph Wendelin
Little Smokey, 1971
Box 15
Mini-Page, 1973 and 1993
Mobile Smokey Bear Musuem, 1988
Box 15
National Zoo, Housewarming Ceremony, 1979
National Zoo
National Zoo, Smokey's Home
Noteworthy Company
Box 15
Sharon Pearson, Correspondence with Rudolph Wendelin
Homer Pickens, Obituary
Box 15
Ranger Rick Magazine, "How Smokey Got His Name," Illustration by Rudolph Wendelin, 1968
Harry Rossoll, 1980s
Harry Rossoll, 1990s
Harry Rossoll, Obituary, 1999
Box 15
Scouts: 50th Anniversary with Smokey (original sketches)
Sierra Magazine and Smokey, 1993 and 1995
"Smokey and the Careless Campers" by N. T. Smuck, 1962
Smokey Bear: Biography and Fact Sheet by Mal Hardy, 1969
Smokey Bear: California
Smokey Bear Christmas Cards (photographs)
Smokey Bear Historical State Park, Capitan, New Mexico
Smokey Bear: How to Dress in the Suit
Smokey Bear: Kuderna and Wendelin, circa 1990s
Smokey Bear Stamp, 1984
Smokey Bear Statue, International Falls, Minnesota, 1954
Smokey Bear Style Guide, 1994
Smokey Bear Workshops, 1970 and 1973
Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl
Smokey Bear Zip Code
Smokey Plaque Suggestion, 1993
Smokey Says, Cartoons: H. Rossoll vs. Rudolph Wendelin
Smokey Says, 1966, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1975 (copies)
Smokey Says, undated (copies)
Smokey Says: Memos (original ink cartoon)
Smokey Says: Plates and Clip Art
Smokey's Song Book, 1962 (front and back illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin)
Smokey Sports Information
Smokey the Bear: Comments, Obituaries, 1974 and 1976
Smokey the Bear Sutra by G. Snyder
Storyboard (original felt tip sketch)
Box 15
Talks/Chalk Talks by Rudolph Wendelin
Teaching Aids
Teddy Bear Collectors
Thank You
TV and Radio Scripts, circa 1950s
Box 15
Lyle Watts and Smokey, 1948 and 1952
Jackson Weaver, "Voice" of Smokey Bear
Wildfire Prevention Response Guide
Wildfire Statistics, 1970s (cover illustrations by Rudolph Wendelin)
Woodland Catalogues
Box 16
Books include cover and/or interior by Rudolph Wendelin.
Conscience of a Conservationist by Michael Frome
Arlington County, Virginia: A History by C. B. Rose, Jr.
The Arlington Historical Magazine, October 1977
Environmental Improvement (Air, Water, Soil), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Toward Policies for Balanced Growth, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Forest Outings by Thirty Foresters, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Tress: Yearbook of Agriculture, 1949, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Improvement Handbook, 1937, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
"Forest Service Sign Handbook", 1970
"Timber Resources for America's Future", United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 1958
100 Years of Federal Forestry by William Bergoffen
JAN #1: Uniforms and Insignias, Army & Navy Publication
Nebraska History, 1983

5. Sculpture by Rudolph Wendelin, 1952-1990s, and undated.

Box 17
John Muir
Terra cotta colored plaster cast.
Box 18
Smokey Bear
Clay, full figured (about 9" tall). Both arms and part of the base are cracked and loose, hat is also not secure in place. NOTE: The snout and mouth were modified by Elizabeth Wendelin in the late 1990s due to Rudolph Wendelin's vision limitations.
Box 19
Smokey Bear
Life-size costume head with fur shirt, designed by Rudolph Wendelin and sewn by wife Carrol Wendelin, 1952. (Hat in Box 23.)
Box 20
Little Smokey at Base of Tree
Rubber mold in plaster casing, two plaster casts, one white, one painted brown (probably using acrylic paint); both casts have broken bits. An altered version of this image, without the name Smokey, is used as a logo for the Hot Foot Teddy Collectors Association.
Box 21
Gifford Pinchot, plaster
Plaster, cracked overall. Smaller version of the full size bust.
Box 21
Bear Cub in Burned Tree
Rubber mold in a plaster casing; two plaster casts, broken bits; and one wax rendering. This depicts the rendering of the exhibit for Smokey Bear at the National Zoo in Washington D.C., dedicated in 1978. Photographs and slides of this event can be found in the 1970-1990s notebook (box ???).
Box 21
Smokey Bear Holding Bucket
Small plaster image, about 4", cracked with losses.
Box 22
Gifford Pinchot, wax sculpture
Wax sculpture, of clay bust. Used in the lost wax casting process.
Box 23
Smokey Bear
Life-size costume hats, 1952 (head and shirt in Box 19).
Box 24
John Muir
Silicone mold in plaster casing.
Box 25
Gifford Pinchot, clay sculpture
Clay sculpture, nearly life size; working clay model for the final bronze bust. Part of the collar was removed by Rudolph Wendelin to be used for other purposes. He coated it with a substance that had made the green clay turn brown in areas.
Box 26
Fomecore Panels
Wooden crate includes 20" x 30" panels were prepared by Rudolph Wendelin in 1987. First used in his retrospective exhibit in the capital building in Topeka, Kansas, these panels have been reused many times. If numbers on panels are out of sequence, missing panels have been pulled by the family to retain in personal files.
The panels are grouped into four categories: Forest Service-Washington Office (FS-WO); Forest Service-Region Nine (FS-R9); Forest Service-Smokey related (FS-Smokey); and Forest Service-Personal Work (Graphics-Wendelin).
Forest Service-Washington Office (FS-WO)
FS-WO/1. Cooperative Illustrations
FS-WO/2. Promotion Kits
FS-WO/3. Signs-Symbols
FS-WO/4. Movie Animation-Exhibits
FS-WO/5. Group of posters: Peshtigo, Wood Products,... for the Tree, Smokey Bear Stamp
FS-WO/6. Publications
FS-WO/7. Safety Posters
FS-WO/8. Program Promotion Folders
FS-WO/9. Forest Service Anniversary Commission
FS-WO/10. In-Service Flyers
FS-WO/11. Award Designs
Forest Service-Region Nine (FS-R9), 1933-1936
FS-R9/1. Engineering Drawings
FS-R9/2. Mimeo Stencil Work
FS-R9/3. CCC Sketches (two original etchings)
FS-R9/4. Cooperative Work
FS-R9/5. Mimeo Publications
FS-R9/6. Mimeo Portraits
Forest Service-Smokey related (FS-Smokey)
FS-Smokey/2. Samples of Smokey Work
FS-Smokey/3. Smokey Promotion Material
FS-Smokey/4. Early Transit Car Cards
FS-Smokey/5. Smokey Posters: Navy Work
FS-Smokey/6. Awards
FS-Smokey/7. Commercial Licensee Help
FS-Smokey/9. Radio and TV Flyers
FS-Smokey/10. Special Smokey Drawings
FS-Smokey/11. Smokey Line Drawings
FS-Smokey/12. Smokey Says Cartoons
Forest Service-Personal Work (Graphics-Wendelin)
Graphics-Wendelin/3. Cartoon Characters
Graphics-Wendelin/4. Society of American Forestry Covers
Graphics-Wendelin/5. Commemorative U.S. Postage Stamps

6. Oversize Artwork, 1952-1989.

   Oversize Box 1
Original Mark Trail Cartoon by Ed Dodd
   Oversize Box 1
Original Smokey Bear Cartoon to Bill Huber with Forest Service Employee Signatures, 1961
   Oversize Box 1
Smokey Bear Posters, Not by Rudolph Wendelin
   Oversize Box 1
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-National Forest (NF) Posters
   Oversize Box 1
To Smokey and Mr. Wendelin, Children's Letters
   Oversize Box 2
Sketch by Rudolph Wendelin, Schenck Lodge, Pisgah National Forest, 1952
   Oversize Box 2
Smokey Bear Book Covers, Placemat
   Oversize Box 2
Woodsy Owl (original), 1973
   Oversize Box 2
Early Smokey Ink and Pencil Drawings, 1950s-1970s
Includes originals, circa 1950s, and red panel from the 1970s.
   Oversize Box 2
Ranger Hal and Smokey (originals)
   Oversize Box 2
Photograph: Smokey at Zoo
   Oversize Box 2
Miscellaneous Flannel Talk Images
   Oversize Box 2
Flannel Talk Images by Rudolph Wendelin
Includes image from "Pignickers Picnic" and unknown subject matter.
   Oversize Box 2   Oversize Image Folder 1
Watercolors to Pack Trip into Sangre de Cristo Mountains, August 1963
   Oversize Box 2   Oversize Image Folder 2
Shrink Wrapped Fomecore Panel of photographs of Watercolors (present locations unknown)
   Oversize Box 2   Oversize Image Folder 3
Amblin Entertainment, Memorial Firefighters Plaque Design, 1989 (original pencil on tracing paper)

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