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Spring/Fall 2016

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Feature articles in the Spring/Fall 2016 issue include discussion of the role of the lumber industry in influencing African American migration patterns; the work of American forester Benjamin Avery in Ontario; the role of women in forest conservation in Florida; the history of Timber REITs and TIMOs; the establishment of the Texas Forest Service; the life and work of Fujikazu Nakagawa; and a look at Puerto Rico's El Yunque National Forest.

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Contents Spring/Fall 2016

[ i ] "Message from the President: Expanding the World's Collective Wisdom"
"Editor's Note" by James G. Lewis
"'I Wanted to Get Up and Move': The Arizona Lumber Industry and the Great Migration"
by Jack Reid
"An American Forester, a Canadian Paper Company, and the Spanish River: Benjamin F. Avery and His Silvicultural Program in Ontario"
by Mark Kuhlberg
23 "Florida's 'Municipal Housekeepers' and Their Advocacy for Longleaf Pine"
by Leslie Kemp Poole
32 "From Cigar Tax to Timberland Trusts: A Short History of Timber REITs and TIMOs"
by Brooks Mendell
38 "Bringing Forestry to Texas: The First Quarter-Century of the Texas A&M Forest Service"
by Ronald F. Billings
 Photo Essay
46 "Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Photos from the American Forests Photograph Collection"
by James G. Lewis
58 "Biographical Portrait: Fujikazu Nakagawa (1920-1968)"
by World Forestry Center
61 "History on the Road: El Yunque National Forest"
by Char Miller | Photographs by Tim Palmer
64 Books and Films of Interest
by James G. Lewis, Eben Lehman, and Jason Howard
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